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The Qatargate Scandal: Unraveling the Covert Operations of ALP Services and the UAE

The Qatargate scandal, an international controversy with far-reaching implications, traces its roots back to the secretive activities of ALP Services, a Swiss detective agency with strong ties to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this article, we delve into the clandestine world of covert operations, espionage, and counterespionage orchestrated by ALP Services on behalf of the UAE, aimed at defaming Qatar and countering its influence within the European Union (EU).

ALP Services’ Involvement

As of October 2018, ALP Services had established close connections with the UAE, including Agent Matar and Sheikh Ali Saeed al-Neyadi, the national security adviser. Their collaboration led to lucrative projects, grossing over 1 million euros, focused on targeting the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Constellation Plan: A Plot to Counter Qatar

In March 2019, ALP Services presented the “Constellation – Stage 1” plan to the UAE, a comprehensive strategy to counter Qatar’s influence in the EU. This plan included identifying around 70 potential targets, both individuals and entities, allegedly supporting Qatar.

Targeting Qatari Lobbyists and European Politicians

Among the targets identified were three main accused in the Qatargate scandal: MEPs Marc Tarabella and Eva Kaili, associated with the EU-Qatar friendship group, and former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri. ALP Services aimed to expose their alleged ties to Qatar and use this information to damage their reputations.

A Twisted Connection: ALP’s Unaware Involvement in Qatargate

Little did ALP Services know that some of the individuals they targeted would become central figures in the Qatargate scandal. This included former MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, who was later implicated in a corruption pact with Ali Bin Samikh Al-Marri, a key figure in Qatarargate.

ALP’s Campaign and Influence on Far-Right Deputies

To influence EU policymakers, ALP Services targeted far-right deputies and pro-Qatar groups. They used fake email addresses and social media tactics to push pro-Qatar narratives and support Qatari causes, including articles published by journalists sympathetic to Qatar.

Clash with Avisa Partners: The Battle of Private Intelligence Agencies

ALP Services considered Avisa Partners, another private intelligence firm with close ties to Qatar, a significant threat. Both agencies engaged in counterespionage, trying to expose each other’s illegal activities and damaging reputations.

Intrusive Tactics and Invasions of Privacy

To gather intelligence, ALP Services went to extreme lengths, including conducting intrusive surveillance of Qatari lobbyists like Sihem Souid. ALP’s activities extended to illegal measures, leading to accusations of theft and invasion of privacy.

MEPs’ Reactions and Allegations of Immunity Violations

MEPs targeted by ALP Services, including Eva Kaili, Marc Tarabella, and others, expressed concerns over the violation of their immunity and the European rule of law. They condemned the secret surveillance and attempts to discredit their work.

The Cost of the Operation

ALP Services charged the UAE a substantial sum, with invoices amounting to at least 218,000 euros for the Constellation project. Despite their efforts, the second phase of the operation was left pending.

The ALP Services-Qatargate scandal sheds light on the murky world of intelligence agencies and their role in shaping geopolitical narratives. The clash between ALP Services and Avisa Partners highlights the lengths to which countries engage in covert activities to protect their interests. As the Qatargate scandal continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching implications of disinformation campaigns and covert operations on the global stage.

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