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Through a strategic approach that includes optimizing profiles, creating engaging content, and utilizing paid social media advertising, a social media marketing agency in dubai ensures that businesses can effectively humanize their brand, generate website traffic, increase brand awareness, and build strong relationships with their followers. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, SmartSites is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the competitive world of social media marketing.

Social media can be a powerful tool for new businesses to establish their presence, reach their target audience, and drive growth. Here’s how social media works for new businesses:

  • Increased brand awareness: By creating interesting and engaging content, new businesses can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience, leading to increased brand awareness 
  • Connecting with customers: Social media allows new businesses to understand and connect with their customers better. It provides a platform to engage in conversations, gather feedback, and build long-term relationships with customers.
  • Competitor analysis: Social media platforms enable new businesses to analyze their competitors’ strategies, understand market trends, and stay updated with industry developments 
  • Showcasing products and services: Social media is an ideal platform for new businesses to showcase their products and services through testimonials, tutorials, and engaging content formats.
  • Market research: Social media provides real-time insights for market research, allowing new businesses to analyze audience pain points, competitor messaging, sentiment analysis, and industry trends.
  • Goal-setting: Setting clear goals is crucial for social media success. Each business should define its unique goals and align its social media strategies accordingly.

Our Execution Plan

By utilizing social media effectively, new businesses can gain a competitive edge, connect with their target audience, and drive growth in a cost-effective manner.



In order to map the audiences with the appropriate creative channels of communication, we use a unique grid modeling process. This aids in the creation of several audience segments using both hard and soft factors.

Hard criteria consist of things like location, gender, and age. 

Hard Parameters have a 100% accuracy rate, making them ideal for very accurate targeting.

The term “soft parameters” refers to things like user behaviors and interests.

Our audience segments are designed to be as distinct from one another as possible, preventing any overlap and enabling measurement of the effects for each. By doing so, we are able to rule out any other influences and determine the ideal set of parameters that will allow us to optimize the return on investment from our campaigns.

Data-driven social ad management

We divide the money across several demographic buckets and creative LOCs based on the insights and data gathered from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Then, in order to prevent ad fatigue, we automatically cycle the advertisements.

To maintain efficiency and reduce ad waste, we automate optimization and tailor algorithms to your account funnel benchmarks. Social media marketing agency in Dubai,our in-house ad-tech platform, is a key component in our client delivery efforts as we scale up large-scale ad uploads.

Campaign optimization and reaching according to the funnel phase 

Increasing and decreasing the campaigns’ size is determined by how well they perform. The larger the size, the more often it must be optimized and monitored. We monitor in real-time to prevent waste using our in-house developed application Social media marketing agency in Dubai.

Our main goals will be to increase your quality traffic and retarget your audience based on their purchase intent. Basically, we would choose one of the two paths listed below:

Personalized Credit

We determine the effects that various attribution models have on the pricing of your marketing channels, campaigns, audiences, and advertisements. For example, the First Interaction attribution model will provide a channel with a greater Conversion Value than the Last Interaction attribution model if it mostly begins conversion routes.

Enhanced reporting and insights 

Our analytics solution, a Social media marketing agency in Dubai, gathers data from all of your platforms and presents it in one location so that users can make defensible choices based on comparable outcomes. Using robust mathematical relationships and built-in algorithms, it provides in-depth analysis and solutions to topics that would otherwise seem too abstract to address. We also provide insights based on the gathered data to enhance optimization and performance.

Advantages of our abilities

Automated Ads

We can effectively set advertising on autopilot with 24*7 optimization to generate the best outcomes and automate media purchasing with advanced algorithms to significantly enhance ROI thanks to access to Facebook and Google APIs.

Optimization Based on Inten

By combining psychographic and demographic data with the time of day, the material a user interacts with, and their particular interest on that page, our system is able to determine the intents of our customers.

Optimizing Cross-Funnel Systems

After comparing the results across many funnels, we divide the media purchase to get the lowest cost per acquisition. Utilizing internal resources, we allocate funds dynamically.

Optimization for Qualitative

Instead of using arbitrary rules, our algorithms optimize using performance data. Having a thorough awareness of the user acquisition, engagement, and CLV sales feedback loop in addition to customized attribution modeling

Customized Posts

We will map the best-performing campaign to the audience and scale on the top-performing campaigns while concurrently promoting a variety of audiences and content.

Instantaneous Reporting

While upholding openness, we provide our customers with live dashboards that they can easily access to monitor their daily progress at any moment. A social media marketing agency in Dubai is one of the tools we have produced for stitched reporting.



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