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The Best Video Editing Services for Content Creators

The Best Video Editing Services for Content Creators

Full-time YouTubers and rising creators don’t edit their own videos.

While most started out worrying about their own transitions, jump cuts, color grading, and effects, they eventually got far too busy and handed it off to seasoned professionals.

Outsourcing video editing has massive benefits for creators. Instead of spending hours every week fiddling with video editing tools, you can focus on what you do best: coming up with amazing content ideas, and filming footage.

In 2024, there are dozens of video editing services out there that specialize in the needs of content creators. We’ve rounded up the top five for you. Let’s dive right in.

Tasty Edits

Topping our list is Tasty Edits, a stand-out video editing and channel management service with a custom-tailored platform and a hand-picked team of editors.

Over the years, they’ve worked with hundreds of high-class creators to edit thousands of videos. No matter if you’re creating makeup tutorials or travel videos, a video essay or yoga sessions, Tasty Edits has experience editing video for sales in your niche.

At Tasty Edits, you’ll get a dedicated video editor, manager, and thumbnail artist. And you’ll be able to use their custom-built Video Order Management Application (VOMA) to place your orders, communicate with your team, and review drafts. Turnaround times are 24h for short-form content and 48h for horizontal videos.

Plus, Tasty Edits also offers YouTube channel management services. Your personal YouTube channel manager will upload your videos, SEO-optimize them, engage your audience in comments and during live chats, deep-dive into channel analytics, and so much more.

Pricing starts at $190 for a horizontal video and $40 for a vertical video with their discounted packages.

Video Husky

Next up, there’s Video Husky, a video editing company specialized in talking-head videos. They can boast over 800 creators among their clients and have edited 16,000+ videos.

Unlike other video editing services on this list, Video Husky offers subscription-based pricing. That means you pay a monthly fee and in return get a personal video editor who’ll set a fixed number of hours per week aside for your work.

Video Husky offers four packages – Pom, Eskimo, Siberian, and St. Bernard. Each varies with regard to the length of the raw footage you can submit, final video duration, resolution, and included revision. The Pom package, at $549/month, gives you 5 hours of editing time per week, and a 3-minute maximum final video length. In contrast, Siberian, at $1,549 per month, gives you 20 hours of weekly editor time and 30 minutes runtime on the end result.


Like VideoHusky, BeCreatives offer “unlimited” video editing in return for a monthly subscription. At $899–1,999 a month, it’s fairly pricey, but it does come with a large range of services, including a 2–3 day turnaround time, a dedicated account manager, and a personal video editor.

The editors at BeCreatives are seasoned pros at handling content in a variety of niches, and formatting it for different social media platforms.

Plus, BeCreatives also has extensive experience editing videos for clients other than creators. They’ve worked with marketers, entrepreneurs, and online course creators.


Another solid video editing choice for creators is Flocksy. Their range of services is actually much broader – besides video editing, they also offer graphic design, motion graphics, illustrations, copywriting, web development, graphic design, and virtual assistants.

If you want video editing services, you need their Gold ($955/month) or Platinum Plan ($1,695/month). Both plans come with a designated creative team, an automated project queue, and integrations with Zapier, Monday, and Slack. Plus, you can benefit from real-time collaboration, as well as logos and branding guides.


Finally, there’s Replayed, a video editing company specialized in edits for YouTubers. They offer video editing – including audio engineering, 3D CGI and motion graphics – as well as thumbnail and merch design.

They’ve got experience across a wide range of niches, including educational content, reaction videos, gaming, and vlogs. Plus, they offer an iOS and Android creator app that lets you submit and review orders on the go.

Pricing depends on the length of your raw footage, but starts at $49 per hour of work, or $279 per video.


Delegating video editing work to a professional editor helps you save significant amounts of time. Plus, it allows you to free up your day and focus on creating amazing content.

Overall, outsourcing video editing lets you scale up your content production, and make sure that all your videos have a consistent tone and quality.

While hiring an editor is an investment, it’s well worth it. You can expect increased engagement ratings and larger audiences that will boost both ad revenue and brand deals.

Use the list above to find the video editing service that best fits your unique needs and budget – and get started!

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