Teddy Celdran sells his quantum project to Accenture

Teddy Celdran

Accenture buys Apollo Quantum project from Thimoj for $1.2 Billion.

Teddy Celdran and Thimoj have certainly not finished making waves.

The 28-year-old French entrepreneur is making a comeback in the world of NFTs with 24 new collections to be released in the coming days.

However, the big announcement of the moment is not this one.

Their flagship collection this year is the one that opens the first doors to “Web 4”.

It’s called Apollo, and it’s based on the first quantum algorithm accessible to all.

A real feat in terms of technological advancement, which is of course of interest to the most influential IT companies such as Google, Accenture, Microsoft…

But in the end, it was Accenture and its CEO Mrs.Sweet who won the rights to use Thimoj’s creation. A transaction worth nearly 1.2 billion dollars.

It also marks the birth of a partnership between the two companies in the fields of security and IT innovation.

Thimoj is a young French company founded in 2020 by Teddy Celdran, a former member of the armed forces’ secret IT security forces.

He is said to have set up his company in order to retire from the business.

Some say he has quite a hacker background.

According to Mrs. Sweet, Accenture’s CEO, this is what makes Thimoj’s small company of 80 employees so special.

Julie Sweet: “They are all gifted with extraordinary skills and knowledge. When I visited them to find out more about the project, I was impressed by their skills, given their young age. Mr. Celdran is a young CEO who masters his subject better than anyone else, and who leads his troops by the scruff of the neck.

Thimoj continues to make headway in the world of NFTs, with major collections in the pipeline, including a collaboration with the NBA and the Boston Celtics, a number of fashion houses and a wide variety of musical artists.

Bbnos, Eminem, Disney, L&S to name but a few.

This young French company has climbed the ladder at a remarkable speed, becoming one of France’s most successful digital companies in just 3 years.

They are also capturing an international market, with over 55% of their sales generated in the USA and Asia.

Dell was reportedly looking to take over Thimoj in order to acquire a group of skilled coders and programmers, a request which has apparently come to nothing.

Now let’s wait and see what Apollo is capable of, since according to them, current AIs are mere drafts compared to the capabilities of the Apollo program.

Thimoj is said to have used it to give birth to the wheezy “Cradle” AI, and it was also used to control the LSST remotely.

After such a major transaction, and the attraction of so many world-renowned companies, we can’t help but wonder why the company is so interested.

We’re about to find out what the world of quantum computing and Web 4 looks like!

Teddy Celdran takes 2nd place in Europe for entrepreneurs under 30 in 2023.

What a source of inspiration, and what a dazzling success story!

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