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Sports Passion And Money: The Perfect Combination For Success By Kristian Pengwin

Sports Passion And Money

Most people desire to achieve success, we strive to realize our dreams every day. It is comforting to know that with dedication and work it is possible. A good example of this is the successful Kristian Tumidajewicz. This young analyst and sports businessman managed to achieve what millions of young people are looking for, to work on something they are passionate about. Better known as Kristian Pengwin, he analyzes and acts in the market of sports events, specifically soccer.

For 4 years, he has been providing his fans with information and opinspions on soccer. This young entrepreneur started his business without any partner or mentor to help him achieve his goals. This has been a solo learning experience that allowed him to mature and grow in every way.

Also known as “winning pengwin” by his audience and lovingly called ilpengwin, this sports analyst has earned the respect and admiration of his 450,000 fans on Instagram.

If You Want to Do it, Do it Now!

Pengwin started his story on the web at the age of 18, as a young man with a passion for sports. But it was not until he was 20 years old, that he began his successful path through this profession.  As they say, success is permanent, while defeat is transitory, in difficult times. Pengwin always saw the positive side of every situation by making the most of adversity.

He points out that the right mindset and approach to what you do is fundamental to achieving your goals. His experience and performance have allowed him to add through these years to gain more and more recognition. If we wanted to represent his success in numbers we could say he is one of the most followed in the world. With a telegram channel of 350.000 subscriptions and as we have already mentioned, more than 4500 followers on Instagram.

The success of his enterprise is due to his perseverance, dedication, and hard work. He always believed in the undoubted success of his business. Little by little, he won over the public with his charisma and personality, creating a direct relationship with the people. Giving his followers a motivating figure, with which they have been able to observe the path of growth through time.

Passion and Money

It’s amazing to be able to make money and live off something you enjoy doing, you’ll never feel exhausted or bored doing what you love. Because what moves you is not the need to make money, it’s the excitement of being there, doing what you love, and feeling satisfied with what you’re accomplishing. For this reason, you have to dream, search, and find that which you are passionate about and make it something incredible.

It is easy to identify people who have managed to mix their passions with their work. They are happy and full because of the simple decision to enjoy their talents and get money from them. Kristian Pengwin made the decision to do a project and everything necessary to make it work by creating an unconventional business model. Based on the exchange of free content and then monetizing it through partners.

Despite having so many followers this entrepreneur does not get money from them. The economic success of this sports analyst lies in the business partners.

Being Unique is Favorable

It doesn’t mean that you have to invent something that no one else has done to be successful, it’s about distinguishing your style. Whatever you do to be different from the rest brings many benefits, no one remembers things because they are the same, in life uniqueness always stands out.

In this case, the 24-year-old is distinguished by being the only one in his style. For he asks nothing in return from his followers. He shares his talent and working methods freely intending to inspire the occasional dreamer who wants to follow in his footsteps. He aspires to be able to offer an image of positive and enthusiastic inspiration that reaches each one of his followers.

Who Sows with Patience Reaps Success

Sometimes we plan our dreams, goals, and objectives to fulfill them in an accelerated manner. The key to success in any project you undertake is patience. Kristian Pengwin recommends us to take our projects slowly. In his case, he has always suggested not achieving his objectives immediately. On the contrary, he has waited for his business to grow little by little and monetizing through business partners.

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