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Smart Yachts: A Guide To The Latest Innovations In Marine Technology

We all enjoy being out on the water, some in bigger boats than others. And while yachts are renowned for being a toy for the rich and famous, smaller, less luxurious yachts have become more affordable and more prominent in recent years. 

Yachts have always been a symbol of luxury and sophistication, and they’re now more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re looking to host a lavish celebration or escape on a private retreat, renting a yacht is a unique and unforgettable experience everyone should try at least once.

As public consciousness shifts, design companies and technology innovators are looking for ways to make yachting greener and cleaner so as not to pollute the oceans further. Similarly, companies are searching for ways to make yachting safer, as there were 658 recreational boating accidents in 2021, according to the US Coast Guard.

Here are some of the latest innovations in marine technology, helping guide yacht owners and navigators into the future of leisure activity.

1. Electric outbound motors

The world’s first 180-horsepower electric outbound motor is changing how you navigate the water. With GPS-based range calculations and ultra-quiet running sound, this motor from Vision Marine is designed with the environment in mind in more ways than one. As it produces zero emissions, the E-180 is the perfect board for eco-tours or those looking to equip their boats with something more eco-friendly.

2. Artificial intelligence navigation

Artificial intelligence-based navigation systems like Co-Pilot Navigational Systems allow you to navigate a body of water without needing a skipper. The system uses GPS, automatic-identification systems, other water maps, and electronic charts to help you navigate a rented yacht. This saves money for those renting yachts as they don’t also have to hire a skipper but it can be a costly expense up-front.

3. Fleet safety systems

The safety of yachts, both one’s own and those aboard for whom one is responsible as a hired crew member, is paramount. Safety systems have dramatically changed aboard vessels in the last decade, particularly with global positioning and instant communication systems. Fleet Safety utilizes positioning data and an instant communication system with 50 maritime rescue centers across the United States and can provide instant messaging capabilities. 

These Fleet Safety Systems can save up to 20 minutes on many search and rescue operations by real-time relaying of collected data to search and rescue units and instantaneous communication.

4. Yacht monitoring

As an owner of a yacht or other pleasure boat, you want to ensure that your investment is safe in the dock. Whether you’re concerned about weather or theft, many boat manufacturers are offering app-based security systems using cameras and sensors to allow you to monitor many facets of on-ship and off-ship systems.

Various companies allow you to monitor your bilge pumps and battery charging capacity remotely. These systems monitor for signs of trouble and provide a text alert to your phone, allowing you to respond immediately.

5. Phone app controlling on-board systems

Control of your onboard systems, such as climate controls and entertainment, can now be done via various applications on your smartphone. 

Whether skippering a yacht or having a crew aboard your charter, you can control the heating systems and lighting. Applications like CZone allow you to start your yacht remotely, so you don’t have to wait to hit the water.

6. On-board entertainment streaming services

Only a few years ago, streaming Netflix on a yacht in the middle of the ocean would have seemed like a far-fetched idea. With recent advancements in internet connectivity and technologies such as Starlink’s Maritime services, it is now possible to enjoy seamless live streams and movie nights with family, all while onboarding your yacht. 

You can even host onboard guests and live-stream sporting events for their entertainment. The convenience of modern technology has opened up a world of possibilities for yacht owners, allowing them to enjoy their favorite entertainment and stay connected with the world while out at sea.

Smart technology and yachts

There’s plenty of new smart technology emerging in the pleasure boating space that is particularly useful to yacht owners, whether individuals or rental companies. This technology makes lives, keeps owners connected with their investments, and ensures passenger and crew safety. 

More advanced maritime technology will emerge through innovation as time passes, creating an ever-more connected, technologically-advanced world for yachters. 

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