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What Future Holds For Netflix As It Closes Its Free Trial After Crossing 200m Global Subscribers

Netflix Free trial was discontinued as soon as the streaming giant crossed 200 million global subscribers. The last time new subscribers were offered a 30-day free trial was back in October 2020.

Netflix made this information public on its official website stating, “Free trials are not available.” The announcement further read, “But you can still sign up and take advantage of all Netflix has to offer. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide Netflix isn’t for you.”

Netflix is still considered the most sought-after streaming platform that regularly drops blockbusters like The Irishman, The Queen’s Gambit, Squid Game, and My Octopus Teacher to keep the viewers entertained. However, you need to splash out at least US $9.99 per month to watch Netflix content.

That’s expensive, isn’t that? 

With intense competition in the streaming business, and the likes of production powerhouses such as Disney Plus jumping into the act, there’s very little room for error for Netflix, but the veteran streaming service has made some serious blunders in recent years, like frequent price increase, cancellation of popular shows, and a crackdown on password sharing.

Let’s discuss what the future holds for Netflix, especially when there are a whole lot of streaming options available for binge-watchers.

Key Takeaways

As of now, Netflix doesn’t offer a 30-day free trial to new subscribers, and the luxury of streaming the first episode of each select show for free has also been taken away.

Surprisingly you can still subscribe to Netflix without having to pay for the subscription if you are in Kenya. Alternatively, you can benefit from the generous “Netflix on Us” offer of  T-Mobile in the United States.

Netflix’s monthly subscription cost can be minimized if you share the account by dividing the cost with family or friends or family. You can also use gift cards with discounts or Subscribe to Netflix Turkey or Argentina via a VPN. Subscribers in these countries pay much less compared to the US.

Netflix’s Popularity Has Declined Recently, As Younger Viewers Lost Interest

Statistics reveal that Netflix had a subscriber base of almost 221 million users globally in the first quarter of 2022. That amounts to a decrease of approximately 200,000 subscribers if we compare it to the preceding quarter. 

A big portion of Netflix subscribers comes from Canada and the US, with both of these countries amassing more than 75 million users globally. The streaming service has experienced a turbulent flight this year (2022) till now, and its impact has been reflected in employees’ prosperity and the service quality provided to its subscribers. 

With several highs and lows, from the massive success of Squid Game to flocks of users canceling their subscriptions, it has been a couple of difficult years for Netflix. According to another report, Netflix has been exploring ways to temp older audiences, as the youths are suddenly shifting their alliance.

Not Just Youths Canceling Subscriptions: Loyal Netflix Subscribers Are Also Leaving In Flocks

A report published by The Guardian reveals that “Netflix is set to report the smallest growth in subscribers in a decade next week, as the flow of young fans who have fuelled its meteoric rise slows down, leading it to target tech-wary over-55s.” 

Several unforeseen events and a string of brain-fade decisions have made younger, as well as long-standing Netflix subscribers cancel their accounts, and it seems things aren’t getting better any time soon as 2022 heads toward its fourth quarter.

Is There A Netflix Free Trial Still Offered In 2022?

Sadly, you can’t get a Netflix free trial in 2022 as the streaming platform has scrapped this offer to its new subscribers from October 2020 in the US. Moreover, the famous “watch-free” option has also been phased out, and that means streaming Netflix for free is not an option anymore.

Having said that, watching Netflix without paying anything is now a dream. The most economical way to stream your favorite content on Netflix is by splitting the cost of its Premium plan which costs $19.99/month. You can share this account and can access it on four different devices.

Does Netflix Have a Free Subscription Plan?

No, Netflix does not offer a free subscription package anywhere with the exception of one country. You can subscribe to Netflix’s free plan in Kenya using a VPN app. The only other way to access Netflix for free is through a subscription plan of any T-Mobile package (Magenta or Magenta MAX).


The world of free trials offered by online streaming platforms is mercurial, as different new and renowned market players keep experimenting with various models. For instance, Disney Plus also ended its 7-day free trial back in August 2020, a couple of months before Netflix fell into the same pit.

It’s still unclear whether Netflix would recover from a sub-par year in terms of revenues and subscriber numbers, or the streaming service will surrender its paid users to other imposing counterparts.  As things stand, Netflix has to put a lot of muscle to maintain its hegemony as the streaming king.

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