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Seamless collaborations & long-term partnerships, Your web3 influencer management solution

Influencer marketing is becoming more popular in the Web3 space, and with it, scams and rug pulls are also on the rise. Making Influencer Marketing management more essential when dealing with clients, and clients dealing with Influencers. 

web3 connect just launched its platform to expertly mediate partnerships between influencers and collaborators to help them reap the rewards proven to go hand-in-hand with this refined marketing technique and eliminate the associated risks.

But what exactly is web3 connect, and how can they help influencers and projects in the Web2 and Web3 space triumph with influencer marketing?

About web3 connect

web3 connect is a web3 Influencer management with a team of marketing specialists who believe in seamless collaborations, long-term partnerships, and clear expectations with mutual benefits between influencers & collaborators.

The team of experts has more than ten years of experience allocating substantial budgets in the space and therefore understands the struggles, importance, and benefits of setting up air-tight collaborations. web3 connect serves as a valuable tool for influencers to gain access to new opportunities and for businesses to find the most relevant talent for their needs.

Founded by top executives from the leading European marketing agency Lunar Strategy to build authentic relationships between influencers, projects, and their communities, web3 Connect is committed to quality and transparency, two essential values in Web3.

web3 connect & Partners

Partnering with leading Web3 marketing agency Lunar Strategy, web3 connect launched with a group of carefully curated influencers with a proven track record in the space.

In collaboration with the Lunar Strategy team, web3 connect offers a multi-dimensional approach to ensuring influencer campaigns are supported by marketing expertise to produce desired outcomes for projects and influencers alike.

Solving Problems With Expert Services

web3 Connect is dedicated to making the influencer marketing process convenient and beneficial in these ways:

For influencers

web3 connect handles all negotiations for influencers to get the best deal possible. They manage the client’s expectations, set up guidelines, and help establish a good relationship and partnership calendar to guide the influencer.

Beyond that, web3 connect also builds digital portfolios to help clients understand the influencer’s approach to partnerships and promotional content.

For projects

Since the web3 connect team’s expertise is rooted in 10 years of experience, they can skillfully navigate dealing with clients and understand the struggles and opportunities from the client’s perspective.

web3 connect ensures projects and influencers are on the same page at all times and aims to foster a connection and establish long-lasting relationships with mutual benefit between the parties.

Projects and vetting

The team at web3 connect understands the struggle of finding a quality project to work with and finding the time to read multiple comprehensive whitepapers to evaluate projects’ legitimacy. They help with this so influencers can focus solely on producing the best content possible.


Miscommunication and unrealistic expectations often harm the professional relationship between influencers and collaborators. web3 connect knows how hard it can be to manage the expectations for collaborations and therefore prioritizes setting up clear guidelines and deliverables for both parties to adhere to.

Communication and relationships

Communication is the most important aspect of any partnership, whether in a professional or personal setting, and the same applies to influencer marketing.

web3 connect works to establish long-term partnerships between quality projects and influencers by acting as a professional and neutral mediator to attain desired results for both parties.

Final Word

web3 connect has tried and tested all the tricks of the trade to help take influencer marketing to the next level.

With sought-after skills and a tightly-knit team of experts who live and breathe influencer marketing, there is no doubt that web3 connect will quickly rise to the top of the industry. The team welcomes influencers in search of management and projects in search of influencers to reach out to them to get a structured collaboration approach.

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