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Crypto Influencer Marketing & growing a project: Interview with Jack Haldorsson, Head of Influencer Marketing at Lunar Strategy.

In this interview with Jack Haldorsson, Head of influencer marketing at Lunar Strategy, he shares his latest insights into the state of crypto influencer marketing and tips for how to grow a project.

What is crypto influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is an excellent marketing channel that you can use in a lot of ways. For example, if you’re a newly started project it’s great to use as a top-funnel activity to establish trust and authority for your project and give the Influencer’s audience a good overview of the project. If you’re a more established project and already have an established following, it can be a great way to get people to convert, especially if you have the campaign to combine it with. Usually, we like to work with the same profiles multiple times and give updates as the project progresses so the Influencer’s audience gets to follow along.

What are the biggest challenges in influencer marketing?

Some of the biggest challenges are that it’s time-consuming and a very manual process. There is some automation you can do, such as creating documents to keep track of your progress, building up a network of Influencers, writing up well-written email templates or getting different vetting tools to help you avoid bots.

Another challenge is all the bots and fake accounts in the crypto space. To find a good authentic Influencer can be hard, as the crypto space is filled with bots and fake promoters. You can use different methods to vet the profiles, such as doing it manually or checking the comments; do the likes and views look real? Are the comments real? Sometimes it can be hard to spot. You can also use different Influencer tools such as Socialblade, upfluence or Klear.

If you do want to reach the bigger Influencers in the space, it can also be a challenge just to establish contact with them. Most of the prominent Influencers in the space are approached by 100 people or more a day, reaching out to do promotions. One way to help you stand out from the crowd is to spend some extra time creating a well-written email/message with a captivative subject (for email only). Another thing you can do is to create a small pitch deck so that the Influencer can get an easy understanding of your project right away.

What are your best 3 tips for succeeding with crypto influencer marketing?

The first tip would be to spend some extra time on scouting to find the right profile to make sure you target your ideal audience.

Make sure your messaging is on point, you want to make sure to create an Influencer collaboration brief where you go over the main point of your project and the story you want the Influencer to tell. However, you do not want to write a script. You want to let the Influencer have the freedom to be creative and make it their own so it feels more authentic.

Lastly,  make sure to track your campaigns with trackable URL links so you’re able to measure the success of your campaign. We usually see better results setting up long-term collaborations with Influencers as their audience will get to know your project as it progresses. By tracking your first collaboration you will get an understanding of which Influencers to build a more long-term relationship with.

What are your future plans in the crypto & NFT industry over the coming years?

Something I’m currently working on is to create a news website called ‘’Jacks Folder’’ for the more casual reader, but also people who are getting into crypto and do not understand all of the technical parts of crypto. It will be focused on culture, music, art and some of the more traditional brands getting into crypto to bridge the gap between web3 and the normal world. I will also continue to build up Lunar Strategy to make it the leading marketing partner in the crypto space.

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