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Salatrim Market 2018 Outlook, Current and Future Industry Landscape Analysis 2028 

Short and long-chain acyl triglyceride molecules are referred to as Salatrim. It is a modified triacylglycerol that functions as a fat substitute since it contains fewer calories than the fat sources utilized in food. Salatrim provides 55 percent of the calories found in regular fats. The salatrim has fewer calories per gram than other fats and does not include trans-fat. Consumption of salatrim, on the other hand, has been shown to produce the same sense of fullness as other fats while also reducing hunger. Because of its limited absorption qualities, salatrim has been shown to be beneficial for those suffering from obesity and other weight-related issues. Obesity has been a major health problem worldwide, and it has gained prominence in recent years. 

Salatrim is a low-calorie fat substitute found in a variety of foods. 

As the number of people who are overweight rises, so does the need for low-calorie foods. Food processing companies are researching to develop low-fat food products that are made using natural ingredients. Salatrim is one of the substances that has gained appeal among food manufacturers for its ability to keep flavor while being used in food products. Because consumers are more conscious of labels, food processing companies are paying more attention to the components they use in their goods.  

The salatrim’s low-calorie content boosts the product’s value by lowering the calorie count. Salatrim is primarily used in convenience foods such as snacks, frozen foods, and bread products. It’s also commonly found in low-fat baking chips, indicating that the overall calories in these are quite low. 

Key Players in the Salatrim Market 

The following are some of the salatrim market’s major players: 

  • FMC Corporation Ltd. 
  • PGP Internationals 
  • Advanced Food Systems Inc. 
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company 
  • Ashland Inc. 

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