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Salatrim Market to Benefit from Strong Demand for Low-Calorie Fat Replacer

Salatrim is an abbreviation for molecules of short and long-chain acyl triglycerides. It is an altered triacylglycerol that serves as a fat replacer since it contains fewer calories than the actual fat sources utilized in food products. Salatrim provides calories that are 55% of those found in regular fats. Salatrim has fewer calories per gram than the other fats and no trans-fat. However, salatrim has been shown to offer a similar experience of fullness as other fats while also decreasing hunger. As a result of its limited absorption capabilities, salatrim has been shown to be beneficial for those affected by obesity and other weight-related issues. It has attracted attention in recent years as obesity has become a serious health issue around the world.

As per Transparency Market Research, the global salatrim market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period (2018 to 2028).

Obesity is a medical disease in which excess body fat has a negative impact on health. Obesity is the most common problem among adults; around 39% of adults over the age of 18 are obese. Obesity rates have risen as purchasing power has increased. Obesity has been claimed to have increased in high and middle-income countries compared to low-income ones. With greater consumer awareness of the negative impacts of obesity, the need for salatrim food products has skyrocketed as it aids with weight loss and makes a person feel less hungry. As a result of the expanding obesity population, there is a greater need for weight-loss and low-calorie products, which is expected to drive the global salatrim market during the forecast period.

Moreover, due to the increased consumption of processed food products such as ready meals and savory snacks, there has been a surge in health-related issues such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity. Fat replacer is in high demand in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Due to the high-fat content of these goods, companies in the frozen food and dairy industries have great potential in this market.

Furthermore, the market for bread products, dessert items, and confectionery is expected to rise. Salatrim is a flavorless substance that does not alter the flavor or taste of food and can thus be readily added to any food product. Fat replacements with fewer calories may boost demand for food products that would otherwise be avoided due to the higher calorie content of regular fat. This opens up a lucrative market for the food sector. Salatrim is also utilized as an oil substitute. Thus, it has a huge potential in the oil market. Due to such factors, the global salatrim market is expected to witness significant growth throughout the forecast period.

Increasing Obesity Cases in United States to Boost Market Growth

The salatrim market in North America is anticipated to expand during the forecast period. Since two-thirds of the adult population in the United States are overweight, the market for low-calorie food products is the largest. As a result, food manufacturers continue to introduce goods that are substitutes for high-calorie foods to respond to consumers’ changing trends. Moreover, food manufacturers use salatrim in conjunction with other low-fat additives to ensure that the texture and flavor of the food products are not compromised. Such factors are expected to boost the salatrim market in North America.

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Asia Pacific to Provide Growth Opportunities

The Asia Pacific salatrim market is likely to experience massive growth during the forecast period. The usage of salatrim in food products is increasing in the Asia Pacific market. Moreover, due to expanding spending power, health-conscious customers, and urbanization, Asia Pacific is expected to generate growth prospects for the salatrim market during the forecast period.

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