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Is Rare Carat Legit? Full Review

Rare Carat Diamond Marketplace Features

Rare Carat is an E-Commerce platform based in New York City that deals in the selling of diamond rings. It holds specialization in data science and artificial intelligence-based technology to enable its services and optimize the user experience. This Rare Carat review will give a few insights into the company’s services and customer references.

They has been doing exceptionally well in the consumer segment since its launch in 2016. With an impressive track record of a highly satisfied customer base, it is on its way to becoming an industry leader. Therefore, the customers can always trust this platform for high-quality rare diamond rings and reliable services.

Rare Carat America's #1 Diamond Marketplace to buy online diamonds

Here is why Rare Carat is America’s #1 Diamond Marketplace

Some of the main highlights of the company’s services include –

  • Specialized expert-based input
    It is one of the unique selling propositions of the company. Customers can find customizable guidance from expert gemologists. It further improves the trust factor.
  • Premium quality check and AI price
    Another significant highlight is that the customers can access unbiased checks on the diamond’s price and quality. For this, the company also makes a detailed sample report available for the customers’ reference.
  • Free insured shipping
    One of the best things about the company’s services is the security measures it takes to ensure all-around safety. The customers received their order in a secure box, which requires the signature for authentication. Thus, it leaves no space for any safety or security risk when the goods are in transit.
  • Free 30 days return policy
    The customers can also avail themselves of a 30-day return offer with their purchase. It does not include additional shipping or restocking fees, which is another plus point. Moreover, customers can also resize their ring with no charges within 60 days of the order’s receipt. Therefore, customers can enjoy flexible return policies at their convenience.
  • Laser inscription verification
    One of the most intriguing features of the company’s services is that it thoroughly checks for the diamond’s authenticity. The process includes the use of a laser inscription, performed before shipping the order. Thus, the customers do not have to worry about the diamond’s quality and authenticity.
  • Diamond price matching
    Apart from the above services, the customers can also place their request for diamond price matching. The interaction takes place through the chatbot services available on the website, where a virtual assistant guides them through the entire process. The interface is impressively smooth and easy to follow.

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5/5 Review Score @ Trustpilot for Rare Carat

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The Bottomline
In a nutshell, we can say that Rare Carat is a reliable platform to shop from. They do not just take care of the product quality but also ensure that the customers are satisfied with their services. Rare Carat is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides 100% satisfactory services with premium quality products. It is the perfect example of how a business must take care of their customers and understand their concerns on a deeper level. So all-in-all, it is a 100% trusted and highly recommended website, particularly for jewelry enthusiasts and people who love diamonds!

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