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How Shark Tank’s Favorite Diamond Company is Changing People’s Lives

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Not all diamond companies are created equally. Many jewelers and jewelry stores are in the business for profit only, not really caring about what significance your diamond holds for you. Traditionally, diamonds represent an engagement or a gift to someone you hold as valuable in your life. A diamond can signify even more than love. What if your diamond also had the ability to memorialize a loved one’s life in a way that it’s never been commemorated before?

What Are Memorial Diamonds?

Memorial diamonds are diamonds that are made from a portion of your loved one’s ashes. These ashes get put into a laboratory environment which mimics the environmental conditions necessary to create a diamond. Your memorial diamond can be personalized by selecting the diamond’s color, opting for an engraving on the face of the diamond, and designing your personal setting for the diamond.

Your loved ones will be remembered by you but commemorated in your memorial diamond.

How They Are Made

Memorial diamonds are made through an intricate and thoughtful laboratory process. There are several stages that are necessary to turn your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful diamond.

First, the ashes must be put in a controlled environment. This environment contributes to isolating the carbon components found within the ashes. This isolation then allows the carbon to be purified and extracted. Once this stage has reached the end, the result is a carbon graphite powder.

In order to ensure the carbon graphite powder turns into a diamond, the laboratory creates conditions that give the material everything it needs to begin the diamond growth process. This means that the powder must undergo intense heat and enormous amounts of pressure. Given the right amount of time within these conditions, the carbon begins to crystallize. This crystallization is how the raw diamond initially forms and then grows.

Once the diamond has grown to a size that is worthy of assessment, your diamond will be evaluated by professionals to determine its quality. After passing through a series of assessments, the raw diamond then enters the careful process of cutting. This stage is very important because the fine cuts of a diamond are what determine its sparkle and shine.

After these stages, your diamond is ready to be engraved and set into a setting of your choosing. The process is carefully done, thoughtfully executed, and tailored to fit your desires that honor your loved one’s life. It may take several months to create your diamond and grow your diamond. It can also take even more time to get all of your exact specifications. However, your loved one’s memory is worth all the time in the world if it means encapsulating their life in something as priceless as a memorial diamond.

How Did Shark Tank Get Involved?

In case you don’t know what Shark Tank is, let’s briefly explain.

Shark Tank is a very popular television show that showcases up and coming businesses, products, and companies to a group of potential investors. If the investors believe in or enjoy the presentation, the people, the product, and the company, they will invest a specific portion of money in exchange for a piece of the profit.

A memorial diamond company made a splash across the internet, the jewelry community, and right on your television by going on Shark Tank.. Shark Tank showcased this memorial diamond company on one of their episodes. There were many debates and deliberations between the investors on the show, but Mark Cuban won out the deal by collaborating with this memorial diamond company. This Shark Tank diamond company continues to grow and flourish, making and selling their memorial diamonds to their customers who wish to memorialize their loved ones in a special way.

The Special Quality of a Memorial Diamond

Diamonds, by themselves, already speak volumes. They symbolize love, promise, hope, and so much more. A memorial diamond is set apart from the standard diamond in that it represents your loved one. It is quite literally made by a piece of the person you lost.

You get to remember your loved one as long as you have your memorial diamond. Every time you wear it, you wear a piece of them. They live forever in your memory and forever in your diamond.

A Memorial Diamond For a Lifetime

Your memorial diamond will last throughout time, giving your loved one’s life the value it deserves. Cherish those you love most by celebrating their life in your very own memorial diamond.

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