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Print On Demand Supplier is a relatively new print-on-demand company, but they have brought together an experienced and talented team and already have shining reviews. This article has an introduction to print-on-demand supplying and dropshipping businesses as well as will talk about services in more depth.

Introduction to the field

What is print on demand?

Print on demand is when an item is printed only when there is an order. It can be an order from a company or it can be an order from a single customer. The items that can be printed are several – starting from t-shirts and ending with wallpaper. 

What is print-on-demand dropshipping?

Print-on-demand dropshipping is a business model in which a person owns an internet store that sells items with printed designs but they don’t have the inventory or printing equipment. Instead, they outsource the latter – they have a collaboration with a print-on-demand supplier. When they get an order in the e-commerce shop they pass it on to their print-on-demand supplier and the supplier fulfills their order and even ships it out.

What is a print-on-demand supplier?

Print on demand supplier is a company that has all the physical tools to create a print-on-demand item. That includes printing equipment and items for printing. Print-on-demand suppliers usually work in the B2B (business-to-business) sector to provide other businesses with items for their stores. Print-on-demand suppliers often also offer other services that might be useful for print-on-demand drop shipping businesses, for example, shipping out orders, customizing packaging, helping with customer support, etc.

Why choose as a print-on-demand supplier?

Great quality print-on-demand items offers high-quality items ready for print on demand. The selection includes t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, canvases, posters, and wallpaper. To test the quality of their product and print offers to order a free sample before anyone starts working with them. 


There are lots of options for t-shirts – different necklines, with long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeve-less, unisex as well as female and male t-shirts. It is possible to choose from several colors (for some t-shirts it is possible to even select a color from 39 options!) and the sizes go from XS to 3XL.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

There are options to choose hoodies with a zipper or without, with different necklines, in several colors (for some hoodie designs it is possible to even choose from 63 color options!), and unisex, male, or female hoodies. The sizes also go from XS to 3XL.

Tote bags offers sustainably made tote bags from 100% cotton in a variety of colors starting from the natural fiber beige tone to yellow, pink, black, and more. It is also possible to choose the tote bag design.


There are many choices for canvas. First of all the style – it can be a framed canvas, multi-panel canvas, stretched canvas, gallery canvas, or rolled canvas. Secondly, the fabric – it is possible to choose a cotton or polyester canvas. And last but not least, the size of canvas can vary from a few inches to even 70 inches wide.


Posters are also available as framed and not framed. The sizes can vary from a few inches in size to A0 size posters. The paper also has different variations.


Wallpaper is also an item that is possible to use for printing on-demand. offers regular or peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Amazing record

Facts that show that is a trustworthy partner:

  • has a very low return rate. That means that most of their clients keep the purchases they make, ergo are satisfied with the end result.  
  • Trustworthy partnership. Almost all partners keep working with them after the first purchase. That is an amazing achievement and shows that offers services that are appreciated. 
  • Profitable partnership. Amazingly since starting to work with their partner revenue has on average increased by 40%. 
  • Smooth shipping. Clients get their packages within a week and in perfect condition 98,72% of the time. Only 1,28% of packages take more than a week to deliver. 

Supportive personnel and accommodating attitude take pride in having highly engaged, supportive, and welcoming personnel from customer service to personal manager. They value their clients highly and always try to find the best solutions and deals for their partners. Every client is taken care of and everyone can receive individual support. It is even possible to submit product requests or recommendations – there is a highly-likely chance that will find a way to get the print-on-demand product a business specifically wants.

Extra steps

To help print-on-demand dropshipping business owners run their businesses really smoothly offers a few extra services.

Customer support in the client’s name

It is possible to outsource customer service to, so the dropshipping business owner can have more time to work on marketing, business decisions, future plans, etc. Using this service, all customer questions will be answered by the team and is sure that they know their products, printing techniques, and what’s possible and what is not. Also, the customer of the client’s company will never know that they didn’t speak directly to the shop’s staff – will do the customer support in the company’s name.

Branding services

A business needs a strong brand to stand out in the crowd. It is sometimes hard to find a way to be more personal with a client and how to make a business brand seen in the print-on-demand dropshipping business since so much is outsourced. But has resolved this issue by offering personal branding services. customers can add a personalization of their choosing to the packages that go out. It can be a sticker on the box, a sticker in the box, an added coupon card, a business card, etc. It is even possible to adjust the packaging so it suits the business style the best.

Transparent returns

Nowadays it is mandatory that an e-commerce shop has the option to return the bought item and get a refund. With print-on-demand though it sometimes gets tricky since the items are so personalized and one-of-a-kind. works really hard to make sure that most of the orders can be returned in a safe and transparent way, and the business’s customers can be offered a refund.

In conclusion

The Print-on-demand supplier business is very demanding, always changing, and holds a lot of responsibility for its clients. is definitely doing an amazing job of having its clients and their customers satisfied, as well as following the trends and actualities of the field.

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