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Top Print-On-Demand Products to Sell on Shopify in 2024

Print-on-demand (POD) services have revolutionized the way creatives and entrepreneurs approach the e-commerce industry. This business model allows for products to be created and shipped only after a sale is made, drastically reducing the risk and upfront costs usually associated with inventory management. The freedom and flexibility offered by POD services have led to a surge in personalized and unique products flooding the online marketplace. As we look ahead to 2024, the potential for innovative and in-demand products seems limitless, providing a promising avenue for those looking to establish or expand their e-commerce ventures.

Top Print-On-Demand Products to Sell on Shopify in 2024

The landscape of print-on-demand products continues to evolve, with customer preferences shifting towards more personalized and sustainable options. Here’s a list of top print on demand products poised to dominate the Shopify market in 2024:

High-quality T-shirts with unique designs

T-shirts have always been a staple in the POD industry, but in 2024, the focus will be on high-quality materials and unique, artist-driven designs. Consumers are looking for t-shirts that not only express their individuality but are also made to last, setting the stage for talented designers to capitalize on this trend.

Customized phone cases with trendy patterns

With smartphones virtually being an extension of oneself, customized phone cases with trendy, ever-changing designs will continue to be in high demand. From abstract art to pop culture references, these cases not only protect the device but also serve as a fashion statement.

Eco-friendly reusable tote bags with personalized messages

Sustainability is no longer a niche market, and eco-friendly products are becoming the standard. Reusable tote bags with personalized messages or designs cater to the environmentally-conscious consumer while offering a practical, everyday item.

Stylish hoodies with eye-catching graphics

Hoodies combine comfort with style, making them a popular choice year-round. In 2024, expect to see hoodies with bold graphics and messages, appealing to the younger demographic looking for unique outerwear that stands out.

Customized mugs with funny quotes or illustrations

The humble mug remains a favorite for POD products due to its utility and ease of customization. Mugs featuring funny quotes, illustrations, or personal photos make for perfect gifts or office desk accessories.

Personalized jewelry with initials or birthstones

Customized jewelry adds a personal touch that mass-produced items cannot match. Offering personalized jewelry with options for initials, birthstones, or custom engravings can tap into the market for sentimental and meaningful accessories.

Customized hats with embroidered logos or text

Hats are a versatile accessory, suitable for both fashion and practicality. Embroidered logos or text add a premium feel to caps and beanies, catering to both businesses looking for branded merchandise and individuals seeking personalized headgear.

Unique socks with colorful designs

Gone are the days of socks being an afterthought; colorful and unique designs have turned them into a statement piece. Custom socks cater to a wide audience, from sports enthusiasts to those looking to add a pop of color to their outfit.

Customized wall art prints for home decor

As more people look to personalize their living spaces, custom wall art prints have seen a rise in popularity. Offering high-quality prints of photographs, paintings, or digital designs can tap into the market for personalized home decor.

Customized pet accessories with the pet’s name

Pet products have seen significant growth in the e-commerce space. Offering customized pet accessories, such as collars or bowls with the pet’s name, caters to pet owners looking to pamper their furry friends.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities offered by print-on-demand products on Shopify in 2024. The key to success in the POD market lies in identifying niche markets, keeping up with trends, and offering high-quality, personalized products that resonate with consumers.

Print on Demand

Print-on-demand services provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to create and sell custom products without the need for inventory, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for online selling. This business model allows for products to be designed, manufactured, and shipped only after an order is placed, minimizing waste and optimizing costs.

Advantages of using print-on-demand services for selling products

One of the main advantages of print-on-demand is the ability to test product ideas without significant upfront investment, making it an ideal option for startups and small businesses. Additionally, POD services handle the logistics of manufacturing and shipping, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on the creative and marketing aspects of their businesses. This scalability is crucial for growth, as businesses can add new designs and products without worrying about inventory space or unsold stock.

Print on Demand Etsy

Selling print-on-demand products on Etsy offers a platform for creatives to showcase their designs on a global market. Known for its focus on handmade and unique items, Etsy is a perfect match for POD products that cater to niche interests and personalization.

Steps to start selling print-on-demand products on Etsy

Starting a POD shop on Etsy involves creating a seller account, designing your products, and finding a POD service that integrates with Etsy. It’s important to focus on creating high-quality listings with detailed descriptions and professional photos to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Additionally, offering excellent customer service and engaging with your customer base can help build a loyal following.

Print on Demand Amazon

Amazon’s vast customer base makes it an attractive platform for selling print-on-demand products. Through services like Merch by Amazon, sellers can upload their designs to be printed on T-shirts, hoodies, and more, tapping into Amazon’s enormous audience.

Pros and cons of selling print-on-demand products on Amazon

While the potential for high sales volumes is significant, competition on Amazon is fierce, and standing out can be challenging. Furthermore, sellers have limited control over their branding and customer relationship, as Amazon places a great emphasis on its brand rather than individual sellers.

Print on Demand Shopify

Shopify provides an excellent platform for entrepreneurs looking to build their brand and sell print-on-demand products. Unlike marketplace platforms, Shopify gives sellers complete control over their online store’s look, feel, and customer experience, enabling a stronger brand presence.

Benefits of using Shopify for selling print-on-demand products

Shopify’s easy integration with various POD services simplifies the process of adding products to your store and managing orders. Furthermore, Shopify offers powerful marketing tools to help drive traffic and sales, coupled with detailed analytics to track performance and optimize your strategies.


Looking into 2024, the print on demand shopify market and other e-commerce platforms offers endless possibilities for creative entrepreneurs. By focusing on quality, personalization, and staying ahead of trends, sellers can tap into the growing demand for unique, custom products. Whether selling through Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon, the key to success lies in understanding your target market and delivering products that meet their desires and needs. As consumer preferences continue to evolve towards more sustainable and personalized options, the future of print-on-demand products in e-commerce looks bright and promising.

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