P2P Solutions Foundation – A New Age of Communications system built on Blockchain.

In the world of digital information, everything has value. From the websites you visit, down to the searches on Google, everything is collected, stored, analyzed and sold. This is your life and your privacy that others profit from. This is even more pronounced when you want to transfer sensitive information or just do not want anyone meddling in your affairs.


The answer to this issue is peer-to-peer networking. This mode of networking connects one or more computers directly without any central server or an administrator. This allows direct sharing of data. But even today, modern P2P software keep track of your data, defeating the purpose of the network. This is especially true for major P2P software in use today.

P2P Solution Foundation brings a secure system that is completely private. Using the power of blockchain and its decentralization properties, P2PS safeguards all of your data that you share or send to another party.

The system is designed to maximize privacy, even to the extent that the platform and its administrators will not know what you are sharing.


The whitepaper of P2P is unlike others’. The organization is very clear on the legal status of the tokens, the liability of parties and has clear terms and conditions.

With a level of privacy that ensures 100 percent protection from any eavesdropper or prying eyes, there is always an opportunity for malevolent parties to conduct illegal activities. The whitepaper explicitly points out that illegal activities are not allowed using its services, although being truly private and secure; it is hard to understand how the activities will be detected.


A unique feature among cryptocurrencies and blockchain organizations, P2P Solutions Foundation has made it possible for the token it developed to be run on any compatible P2P network. The main standard it has developed is called the Push System Protocol. This protocol is a large data, high-speed transfer system that allows large files to be shared on the blockchain technology. Any P2P platform willing to use P2P token must implement this protocol.


The P2PS  crypto token is primarily for in-house monetary transfer for the transaction of data on its platform. The token is ERC20 compatible and can execute smart contracts. P2PS token will replace any and all transaction systems on platforms of use eventually as it offers faster, secure and privacy protected global payment system.


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