Meet The P2P Solutions Team

One of the most important features of a cryptocurrency or blockchain project is a team with a strong background and motivation to ensure that their goals are met. Luckily the Peer-to-Peer Communication Systems platform has just that. Having the common goal of making a difference in global decentralization, members of the P2P Solutions team include:

  •    Jameel A. Shariff; a serial entrepreneur and the President, co-founder, and present CEO of Electronic Learning Inc. He is a visionary with a B.Sc. in Business Management (BSBM) and an MBA from the US, both of which were awarded the highest distinction and honor of summa cum laude.
  •    Dr. Waleed Aloriny; the COO at P2P Solutions Foundation, and an expert in telecommunications and IT. He also has experience in designing and implementing data/voice networks, and telecom and information security.
  •    Sean Kritz; a FinTech Solution Analyst and Marketing Strategist with involvement in numerous aspects of the cryptocurrency market. Since he got his BS degree in Software Engineering with a Magna cum laude honors from Florida Atlantic, Sean has dedicated everything to the blockchain technology.
  •    The Chief Business Development Officer, Amos Henry Jr.; who has vast involvement in the promotion of multimillion-dollar business opportunities all over the world.
  •    The CTO, Ben M. Seger; a serial entrepreneur with experience as a technology leader. He is also the inventor of some technology solutions on numerous platforms.
  •    David Drake, the Founder, and Chairman of a multi-family company known as LDJ Capital. Fluent in six languages and born in Sweden, he has an MA in international law and economics and an MBA in Finance from George Washington University, DC where the Wallenberg Scholarship for merits was awarded to him.
  •    Ken Tachibana; a Technical and Finance Specialist and Advisor, and Founder of Intelligence Capital. He has been involved in the ICO of things for the top 1% of ICOs and provides Seed and Pre-sale funding, Post ICO, Japan ICO, and Global ICO. Ken has the needed advisory experience being on the Advisory board of several blockchain-based platforms like Playfold, Pundi, LiveTree, and so on.
  •    Ian Scarffe; a Blockchain Consultant, Strategist, and Ambassador, as well as an ICO Advisor. He is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and investor with priceless insights of the various working aspects of an organization.
  •    Mike Shokin; a Chartered Financial Analyst and member of the Advisory Board of the P2P Solutions Foundation. He has advanced degrees in Finance from Baruch College, and an astounding experience in Corporate Finance, Blockchain derivatives, and Bitcoin.
  •    Sean Brizendine; a Blockchain Specialist, and member of the Advisory Board of P2P Solutions Foundation, as well as several successfully funded ICOs right from the early days of Blockchain.
  •    Dennis O’Neill; a venture capitalist and Advisor for O’Neill Capital. He is also the Director and Strategic Partner to three of the top Family office communities.
  •    Prof. Kenneth A. Goodwin JR.; an Advisor on the P2P Solutions Foundation Advisory Board, and a member of the U.S. White House Business Council. He is the Senior Managing Principal for Jeanensis Capital Markets and a supplementary Professor of Corporate Ethics, Fraud and Forensic Investigation.


The P2P Solutions Foundation team shows a good example of how having experienced and dedicated members can go a long way in the sustenance and development of a blockchain and cryptocurrency project like this.

The ICO is still on, please check it out here:

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