Integrating Economic Value into Secure Communication Systems with P2P Solutions

Data exchanged digitally are never truly secure, and we’ve seen a number of instances where information was gotten without the knowledge of individuals involved in the exchange. Even when this information is exchanged on private intranet company networks, they still don’t remain as secure as they should be. But P2P Solutions Foundation is here to provide a highly secure peer-to-peer technique that would allow users carry out the exchange of digital files or assets with a high level of confidentiality, without the need for any third party. But what is the P2P Solutions Foundation all about?

The P2P Solutions Foundation

P2P Solutions is the first ever blockchain-based pure peer-to-peer digital communications platform that is completely secure and doesn’t have any form of interference. The platform is built specifically for anyone around the world that is looking to exchange and store digital data like banking records, medical records, government classified data, and other private and sensitive data or exchanges, in a secure and confidential way. There is basically no other platform that offers this.

The platform has taken into consideration other forums like Alibaba Cloud, Dropbox, and even Google Drive, and has researched on security, safety, and privacy which are key factors to the platform. People never really believed this could be possible but P2P Solutions is proving them wrong.

The P2P Solutions Token and What it is used for

The P2P Solutions platform uses an in-app utility token known as the P2PS token to assist members in carrying out transactions and exchanges within its network. The platform as a peer-to-peer digital communications system that is interference-free, secure, and decentralized can be used in Government and Defence, Banking and Finance, Digital Education and Delivery, Medicals and Pharmaceuticals, and many other corporate sectors around the world.

In the long run, the P2PS token will substitute the traditional licenses used on systems like Pan Excels eLearning solutions, Electronic Inc.’s educational systems, and many more. However, currently, the token is used as an access card to all the unique features of the platform. Purchasing these token will assist in the growth of the economic ecosystem that is built around the P2P Solutions platform which has a faster processing capability and an unending record of exchanges and transactions.

The Journey So Far

The P2P Solutions platform started back in February 2010 and was self-funded until its final stage of completion. The P2PS token was launched in November 2017 and was followed by the pre-ICO period on December 15, 2017, that ran until February 28, 2018. The second phase of the ICO started on April 2 and will last until May 31 where the standard rates are placed at;

250 P2PS = 0.06 BTC

250 P2PS = 1 ETH

250 P2PS = 6 LTC

After the second phase of the ICO has been concluded, the platform will begin the integration of Blockchain on May 31, and by December 31, it will begin the replacement of licenses with tokens. Finally, on March 31, 2019, there will be the transitioning of all users in the network to Blockchain.


How safe digital information and exchanges are have been a thing of a doubt for a while, but with the P2P Solutions Platform and the P2PS token, that is definitely a thing of the past. But for how long, no one can really tell.

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