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Online Marketers, Here’s What You Can Learn From TV Commercials

Advertising is ever-developing. If you can’t keep up, you will be left in the dust. With the decade-long push to smartphones and the steep rise in internet usage since 2020, digital marketing is essential.

Insurance commercials are a successful niche worth studying in the realm of TV advertising. Right now, you can probably recall at least two or three separate insurance companies’ jingles, catchphrases, or spokespersons. 

So what can online marketers learn from TV ads? What do TV commercials do that internet ads miss? Read on to learn how to turn the strengths of TV ads into online marketing gold.

TV Story and commercials


Master the Art of Branding

Television is king when it comes to branding. Reach is one area online marketers can learn from TV commercials. Today’s marketing tech can so fine-tune your advertising that it may be hard to see why TV commercials are still considered successful. 

Take an ad jingle for a popular insurance provider. An average elementary-age kid can repeat that jingle multiple times a day even though they have no intention or ability to purchase insurance. The parent in that same household is impacted by the child and may google options for supplemental insurance. 

Branding is a long-term game that does not always provide the instant gratification of traffic. 

It is beneficial for the long-term goals of your business. With the tech ability to fine-tune target ads, online marketers run the risk of neglecting branding.

Learn How to Tell a Story

Engaging your audience in a multisensory ad connects on a level no banner ad can replicate. Facts are less likely to generate recall than a story or experience. So when your advertising successfully connects your product in a meaningful way with your audience as TV commercials do, you’ll see results. 

Today’s consumers are more likely to care about what their money is supporting than previous generations. Maintaining a consistent story through your brand can go a long way toward gaining loyal clients. 

People care that a crypto exchange is funding education in India. Promote your business’s endeavors to advance humanity, and people will feel good about your brand. That’s the power of storytelling at work.

Brand continuity

Storytelling also increases continuity across your brand. Through storytelling, you impress the value of what you have to offer. Using complex text or incessant eye-catching banners will not stick with consumers the way a story does. Even if your story is not a full-length video ad, it can still be conveyed successfully.

Social media advertising opens up this option to connect through storytelling. Whether creating a video ad or sponsoring an influencer’s post online, storytelling has plenty of options. TV ads tell stories through video, but this option is available for online advertisers too.

So much online content is consumed through video streaming that many TV advertising tactics are easily convertible to online formats. Consider using video advertising as a way to tell your company’s story.

What's your story on TV


Establish Credibility

Television commercials are known to provide the most consistent branding for their companies. The effects of TV ads are often unquantifiable, unlike the precise data collected from internet advertising. But television commercials stick with people and, most importantly, secure credibility.

TV ads successfully build street credit among entire populations, regardless of interest in the brand. When you painstakingly target a specific audience, you gain cult credit but miss out on widespread recognition.

Because of the expense involved in TV advertising, a lot is assumed about the companies who can afford that route. That’s part of why TV still rules the world of credibility in a world of self-publishing and self-promotion. 

Many successful companies are still relatively unknown to the public, and perhaps they don’t need to be. But if you are advertising something, street credibility goes a long way. This means your reach has to impact a wider scope than just your target consumer.

While TV ads heavily rely on celebrities, online advertisers can use brand ambassadors. Social media is a great place for these brand ambassadors to work their magic. Real people showing real-time use of what you are selling establishes credibility.

Take Your Advertising to the Next Level

Because of TV’s vast reach, it’s hard for online marketers to compete with the credibility automatically assigned to TV ads. Using storytelling and cinematic experiences, advertisers can portray the value of the product or service. 

In the world of pop-ups, clickbait (including some car insurance trick ads), and direct sales, learn a few things from TV advertising to set yourself apart. By broadening your audience, you make your brand recognizable beyond what could be considered a cult following. 

Build authenticity and create empathy with a broader audience by connecting with them through a story. Storytelling connects with your audience and expresses the value of what you have to offer. By creating empathy in your consumer, you have a lasting connection with that audience.

By establishing a strong brand, connecting with your audience, and offering an authentic experience, you can build credibility. This credibility is what TV advertising offers best, but online advertisers can achieve similar results.

Written and edited by Maria Hanson. She writes and researches for the car insurance site, She is passionate about empowering individuals to navigate car insurance topics confidently and competently. 

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