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Why Should You Sync Data From Salesforce To Snowflake

We live in a world where data is essential for success in the business world. But as this demand grows and technology advances that make it easier and easier to collect data, it can often become challenging to find the most efficient and accurate way to capture the data you need.

You will want to do your research and ensure you stay up with the latest and greatest technology tools so that you can be confident that you are going to have the right methods in place for the future. This is why you should look to sync salesforce snowflake as your data integration.

Brands worldwide are finding that syncing their data that is being retrieved by the salesforce software is resulting in extreme success for them in the long term. These brands include the likes of AutoTrader and CompareClub, who have discovered the immense capabilities this provides them with.

When it comes to Salesforce, it is often regarded as the sole truth for many sales teams. But it is important to remember that it often is a very narrow truth that does not provide you with the wide-scale capabilities of truly understanding and encapsulating your customers in a 360-degree view.

If you could maximize the potential of your data to benefit your company, why wouldn’t you? This is why you want to get your data from salesforce to snowflake, and we will tell you why.

1. You Can Talk to Customers Better

When you sync your data to tools that allow you to create actionable outcomes, then you are going to be able to experience better performance when it comes to selling products to customers. This is because you will better understand the approaches that work, their interests, and behavior patterns, along with improving the overall eco-system of your customer communication.

2. Get Leads to The Right People

With a more in-depth analysis of your data, you will be able to create automated action points for various teams in your organization to deal with certain leads. For example, you will be able to take the data that you get that someone has abandoned their shopping cart on your website and turn it into a personalized email that reminds and inspires them to complete their purchase. Or, you can take a lead that indicates a customer may be running low on stock from a product they previously purchased and then send them a friendly reminder.

3. Keep All Documents in One Place

In addition to the data that you collect, you equally want to be able to ensure that all the documents associated with this data are also safely and securely stored. Syncing up from salesforce to snowflake ensures that you get to have everything you ever need in one solid data warehouse.

4. Stay Ahead of the Game with Customers

If you are growing in size and suddenly have seen yourself grow from a couple of dozen customers to a couple of thousand customers a day, then you certainly want to ensure that processes are in place that enables you to keep up with demand. And not just demand in sales, but demand in accurately capturing, storing, and processing data for your benefit. Syncing through snowflake means that you can get AI support for large-scale needs.

5. Avoid Data Siloes

With data, you want to ensure that all the right people have access to it. By keeping data just on salesforce, it can be hard to ensure that all the teams that need to access it can do so simply and easily. But when you sync to snowflake, you will be able to create a more universal dashboard for your organization that enhances the visibility of data and ultimately drives your success. No one wins when there are data siloes!

6. Be Able to Comprehend Your Data

If you are generating data in such large quantities, it can be really overwhelming to try and comprehend it all when the sheer volume of it is insurmountable to breakdown by just human calculations. You need to have a data warehouse on hand that is programmed to collect and analyze this all for you—ultimately providing you with data stacks that are super helpful for you.

7. Make Data Work for You

Of course, where syncing your salesforce to snowflake really comes into play is the fact that you will truly be able to make the data you are collecting work for you. From building robust data stacks to ensuring that you are always ahead of the game automatically, syncing really does make your life easier and better.


With so many different benefits to help you really maximize the value of your data, why wouldn’t you consider syncing salesforce to snowflake?

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