Making A Nursing Home Feel Like Home

The transition to a nursing home from the home you or your loved one has lived in can be a strange and complicated time. Change can be difficult but it can also bring about new experiences and memories that could bring you a lot of joy. Many residents that enter assisted living facilities primarily need assistance with daily living tasks because they are no longer able to manage those by themselves or with the help of their families. These needs, along with many other services and wants, can be found within the safety and comfort of assisted living homes such as assisted living Blackfoot. While these facilities may not seem like home at first, there are few things you can do to liven things up a bit and truly make the most of this experience by having this new house and experience feel like home.

Physically – Decorate Your Room

There is nothing a few homey touches can’t fix to start making this place feel more like home! Bringing items that you are already familiar with into this new space can help bring a feeling of familiarity and comfort. There are a few things that are found to bring in the peace to your new living facility and items that can truly help ease your transition during this time. While certain facilities have certain rules, it never hurts to ask if you are allowed to bring certain furniture with you. If there is a certain chair or couch that you are particularly attached to, there are many places that make accommodations for those to allow you to feel more at home. Items like blankets and pillows are also something that can make you feel instantly at home. Nothing says a familiar place like wrapping up in your favorite blanket with your favorite pillow! Pictures and decorations are also really powerful tools to help a loved one feel more comfortable. Seeing familiar art and familiar faces can help to put them at ease and feel happy in their new space.

Emotionally – Make and Build Relationships

While the physical aspects of the room can instantly improve the mood and space for an elderly individual, what will make a longer and lasting impression will be the relationships that one can build with people around them. These connections and the feeling of safety will go a long way into making an assisted living facility feel like home. Take the opportunity to have conversations with those around you and with the staff. These relationships can help to bring you joy and fulfillment while living here and give a thriving sense of purpose. Building trust can help make sure that you are getting everything you need to be happy here. There is a chance that isolation leads to depression – we crave human interaction and many people miss their relationships from back home or from people who have passed on. Take the opportunity to build more relationships and that will most definitely help you or a loved one in the long run.

Take Advantage of This Community

These nursing homes are a great opportunity to be well taken care of and to meet some really great people. There is a lot that a facility like this has to offer and there are ways that can help you or a loved one make this space truly feel like home. Whether it is through personal decorations or building interpersonal connections, these aspects are what can carry those elderly individuals through this transitioning time. Blackfoot assisted living is here to help you feel the most comfortable and help you feel the most at home as we possibly can. Putting in the effort can help support our high quality care and give the best experience possible.

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