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LottieFiles Changes the Game For Web and App Design

3rd April 2023, San Franciso California: LottieFiles, an open-source animation creation and collaboration platform, aims to become the industry standard for motion design.

Today, over 5.4 million designers and developers from over 250,000+ teams and companies use LottieFiles to bring Lottie animation to their designs, prototypes, social media posts, websites, and apps.

LottieFiles significantly reduces motion design and development hours and works with all popular design tools. Although motion has traditionally been complex, LottieFiles aims to drastically reduce the learning curve needed by any stakeholder to bring motion to life.

History of Design

Stock images became popular between the years 1990 to 2000. These were designed to allow individuals to choose licensed images of various themes to use for their own blogs, websites, etc. This was followed by a rise in the popularity of illustrations and abstract graphics. From 2010 to 2015, video and text became increasingly popular, after which ecommerce and social media quickly gained traction.

Social media and ecommerce brought new standards for effective marketing and content creation. Shorter form content became favored, and with that, creation and design moved to the cloud. Animation also started popping up on social media platforms as a type of video to engage a brand’s audience. 

Better than words or an Image:

An image may be worth a thousand words, but motion has the potential to stay in your memory, sometimes even for a lifetime. It is because every living being embodies fight or flight, and motion forms the essence of it. Motion also is the universal language of joy. Now, companies like LottieFiles are making it easier for designers to bring elements of beauty, emotion, and joy to their creations.

LottieFiles is a platform that offers individuals access to thousands of animated and customizable images. These Lottie animations are often compared to GIFs but they provide several distinct advantages:

  • Can be created and “shipped” up to ten times faster
  • Have a 600% smaller file size
  • Lead to a 5x improvement in page loading speed
  • Provide a 10x boost in user conversion and engagement. 

LottieFiles is a platform that offers access to thousands of free, ready-to-use animations for anyone to get started. The company is now the largest motion design ecosystem, with simple tools like Motion Editor, collaboration tools, developer handoff, and various plugins and integrations with Figma, Adobe, Webflow, Canva, Framer, Wix, and more.  

Designers attribute the success of the file format to the fact that Lottie is an open-source, ultra-lightweight, and developer-friendly vector-based format.

Lottie animations have extensive use cases across industries, from onboarding screens, reactions, product walkthroughs, social media templates, infographics, gaming assets, and ads. These have all moved to Lottie as a default format. 

LottieFiles has gained millions of users by solving critical problems for designers and developers and making motion effortless. Today, all the world’s top apps and most visited websites use LottieFiles to bring Lottie animations to life.

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