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Kanin Asva’s Incredible Journey: From Strength to Strength

Asian-born businessman and Robust founder Kanin Asvaplungprohm (‘Asva’) hails from a long line of entrepreneurs. Having grown up between North America and South East Asia, he possesses a unique cultural mix of traditional Asian sensibilities and Western-savvy that helped define his success.

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Management Science at the University of California, San Diego. He went on to the University of San Francisco for a Master’s degree in Financial Analysis summa cum laude. 

Drawing on a wealth of business experience, Kanin decided to pursue a career in venture capitalism. Kanin has helped manage over $200m in various roles before founding Robust. Regardless of the position, Kanin has always retained his trademark intellectual curiosity and meticulous attention to detail.

Robust is an early-stage industry-agnostic venture capital firm that aims to further technological advancement by investing in exemplary companies. Robust’s mission is underpinned by an experienced think tank of industry veterans, operators, strategic experts, and prominent investors across North America and Southeast Asia. Kanin is uniquely positioned as one of the very few cross-border venture capitalists that understand the geopolitical fabric of Southeast Asia.

Although merely a year old, Robust has already made a name for itself. With Kanin at its helm, Robust successfully secured commitments from high-profile investors and has invested alongside industry titans.

Even though risks are involved, according to Kanin, one must have the fortitude to tackle challenges. He has always supported innovation as he firmly believes it plays a fundamental role in the progress of humankind. He believes one should strive relentlessly to achieve their goals, and if someone is unhappy with their status quo, begin working towards their goals today. “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Asva added.

His bulletproof mentality and grit have helped Kanin emerge as one of the few successful early-stage boutique fund managers in South East Asia. He also provides different advisory services to growth-stage firms and startups on Asia’s technology ecosystem and regulatory landscape. Kanin currently sits on the boards of Smart Squadron and the Sharewaves Foundation.  

Kanin has a singular vision — to grow Robust into a beacon of success in the world of venture capitalism. Asva concludes, “By backing paradigm-shifting technologies, we’re effectively investing for the betterment of tomorrow. Our investors are part of that future.”

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