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Timur Kulibaev: A Kazakh Businessman Developing the Kazakhstan Economy Through the Oil and Gas Industry and Energy Sector (Kulibaev Timur Askarovich)

Kulibaev Timur — businessman and philanthropist

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev is a prominent figure in the Kazakhstani business community. Thanks to his initiatives, a stable entrepreneurial environment was established in the republic, with citizens opening businesses more often. He played a role in the emergence and scaling of flagship holdings that were significant for modern Kazakhstan.


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Kulibaev Timur — businessman and philanthropist

Timur Kulibaev: Biography of a Kazakh Businessman Before the Independence of Kazakhstan

Kulibaev Timur was born in Alma-Ata (Almaty), Kazakh SSR, in 1966. He graduated from a specialized school focused on the exact disciplines. There were several such institutions throughout the country.

In 1983, Kulibaev Timur passed the entrance exams to become a full-time student at Lomonosov MSU, where he studied for several years. At that time, there were no global university rankings, but there was an assessment of academic productivity. Throughout the 20th century, MSU consistently ranked among the top 10 schools worldwide in terms of number of academic works published annually. It often took second place.

Timur Kulibaev graduated from MSU in five years. He studied the theoretical aspects of economic planning, mastered the nuances of production organization and management in the national economy, and learned methods and tools for analyzing financial indicators.

In 1988, Timur Kulibaev began his research career at the Republican State Planning Committee. He joined the staff of a research institute tasked with enhancing the efficiency of Kazakhstan’s productive forces. The key departments of the institute were involved in addressing the complex issues of the republic’s economic development.

After working at the institute for about two years, Kulibaev Timur took a position at a foundation that worked to assist the Kazakhstani government in implementing its missions:

  • Developing the economic complex and the scientific-technical sector;
  • Meeting the social demands of the republic’s population;
  • Attracting investments within the scope of cultural and business cooperation at the global level, among others.

Timur Kulibaev led a scientific and consultancy center associated with the aforementioned foundation. The center’s responsibilities included expert support and research and analysis in the development of projects and development programs.

Timur Kulibaev: Career Trajectory

From 1992 to 1995, the Timur Kulibaev biography was associated with the formation of the financial-industrial group Altyn-Alma. His responsibilities included implementing the development strategy, setting goals and priorities, and devising solutions to ensure the company’s financial stability. During this period, Kulibaev Timur demonstrated the ability to envision long-term development opportunities, adapting them to changing market conditions.

Kulibaev Timur — businessman and philanthropist

In 1996, after Kulibaev Timur Askarovich left, Altyn-Alma was transformed into a holding company named ALMEX. Timur Kulibaev has become a significant player in the investment sector. Today, the Group specializes in banking services provided to both corporate and retail clients. It offers loans and guarantees, attracts client deposits, conducts transactions with securities and foreign currency, and carries out various transfers, among other services.

Among the key sectors of the Kazakhstani economy that are currently receiving financial support from ALMEX are the agro-industrial complex and the food industry. The goal is to expand market presence and achieve technological advancements.

The latter half of the 1990s marked a period in the career of Timur Askarovich Kulibaev associated with the foundation and subsequent development of ATF Bank. He played a role in launching lending tools that enabled entrepreneurs to access resources for starting or expanding their businesses.

In 1997, Timur Askarovich Kulibaev spent a relatively short period in public service. He conducted in-depth analyses of sectors suitable for the entry of foreign players.

Kulibaev Timur Askarovich: Shift to the Oil and Gas Sector

In 1997, Kulibaev Timur shifted his focus to what many consider the cornerstone of sovereign Kazakhstan’s transformations—the country’s oil and gas industry. According to some experts, this sector boasts the highest profitability compared to other activities and attracts a significant portion of the foreign direct investments into the republic.

Kulibaev Timur — businessman and philanthropist

Timur Kulibaev biography in the oil and gas sector began at Kazakhoil. Thanks to the efforts of the management team, headed by Kulibaev Timur, the government granted Kazakhoil the status of a national company with the right to participate in strategically important projects aimed at developing the sector.

The position of top manager overseeing the enterprise’s economic cluster was held by Timur Kulibaev. Biography of the manager at that time included ample experience in this field, which played a significant role in making strategic decisions to ensure its financial stability. One such decision was the introduction of corporate financing tools.

In 1999, Timur Askarovich Kulibaev successfully defended his dissertation, which proposed solutions for optimizing the management system of an oil production enterprise, considering current market trends and the competitive environment. Kulibaev Timur actively applied these solutions in his professional activities.

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev worked with the Kazakhoil team until 1999. At that time, the company KazTransOil had been operating in the market for two years. It served as the national operator, offering a wide range of services for the transportation of oil and its derivatives via main pipelines.

It was there that Kulibaev Timur continued his professional development, being entrusted with the position of president of KazTransOil. In his new role, he made decisions that contributed to achieving the set goals and strengthening the operator’s market position, taking into account leading global economic and management practices.

Timur Kulibaev showed particular interest in personnel issues. A key initiative was organizing compulsory internships for head office staff at territorial divisions. This decision was a significant step towards improving mutual understanding and increasing the efficiency of the entire team.

Summarizing the achievements of Timur Kulibaev at KazTransOil, it is notable that thanks to his management decisions, the company significantly expanded its competencies and adopted new tools for attracting foreign investments.

In 2000, a subsidiary structure of KazTransOil was established, named KazTransGas. In 2001, from these entities, the national company Oil and Gas Transport (OGT) was formed, taking control of state shares in key projects such as the Caspian Pipeline Consortium and Tengizchevroil. It was headed by Timur Kulibaev, biography of whom would involve coordinating the activities of OGT. Another national oil company (under the KazMunayGas brand) was established in 2002 through the merger of the aforementioned Kazakhoil and OGT structures.

The formation of this new company was hailed as a landmark event in the industry. One of the competitive advantages for this new player in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector was the right to purchase any assets when they were put up for sale on the domestic market. This allowed for quick and efficient responses to opportunities for acquiring valuable fields or assets, providing significant advantages.

The role of first deputy head of KazMunayGas went to Timur Kulibaev. Biography of the national holding was enriched with notable events. It became one of the main participants in the oil and gas sector, advancing Kazakhstan’s interests on a global level and fostering friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with partners and other countries.

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev infused KazMunayGas with his ideas and creativity. He proposed the most current forms and methodologies for evaluating the performance of enterprises and initiated approaches for the rational use of resources. All this enabled a more accurate analysis of the company’s activities, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and determining areas for improving productivity and increasing profits.

Kulibaev Timur Askarovich stepped back from his role at KazMunayGas in 2005. In the years that followed, the company executed a series of significant transactions related to the acquisition of exploration and processing enterprises through mergers and acquisitions. Kulibaev Timur facilitated the original development and preparation of several of these negotiations and deals.

Today, KazMunayGas manages assets that span the entire production cycle, from exploration and hydrocarbon extraction to transportation, processing, and providing service operations. A key focus of its operation is the implementation of modern technologies across all areas of activity.

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev: A Leader in the Energy Sector

For more than 17 years, Timur Kulibaev biography has been associated with the Kazenergy association. He has been instrumental in both the founding and subsequent development of this organization whose main task is to provide comprehensive support to the entrepreneurial cluster in the oil and gas and energy sectors.

Thanks to the efforts of Kulibaev Timur Askarovich and the members of the association, a multifunctional platform was established for the development of the business sector, the implementation of large and strategically important projects for the industry, the exchange of experience, and dialogue with the government. The role of Kazenergy is particularly crucial in addressing issues related to fiscal and technical regulation, industrial safety, and human capital development.

Kulibaev Timur — businessman and philanthropist

Year after year, under the leadership of Timur Askarovich Kulibaev, the association grew, strengthened its position, and expanded its boundaries, covering ever-new areas of activity. The organization especially focused on international activities, which contributed to enhancing the attractiveness of the Kazakh oil and gas sector on the global stage.

In 2023, Kulibaev Timur Askarovich stepped down from his position as the head of the association. Thanks to the managerial foundation laid by the top executive, it continues to actively contribute to the development of the fuel and energy sectors. The structure plays a key role in shaping strategic directions for development and enhancing the competitiveness of the Kazakhstani economy amid rapidly changing external conditions.

Kulibaev Timur Askarovich especially took note of this last parameter. According to him, competitiveness is not an abstract concept. Rather, it is shaped by the business climate, legislative framework, protection of entrepreneurs’ interests, and the education system, notes Timur Kulibaev. Biography of Kazenergy was built and continues to be built on meticulous and daily work in gathering information, analyzing, creating recommendations, and developing new documents necessary for enhancing the efficiency of the oil and gas industry and the overall prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Another important focus of the association, which Kulibaev Timur Askarovich greatly emphasized, is environmental protection and ecological safety. Under his leadership, Kazenergy aimed to maintain a balance between carrying out production operations and their impact on the atmospheric air and other natural resources. To this end, eco-friendly tools were continuously implemented.

Kulibaev Timur: Initiatives for the Business Community With Atameken

Kulibaev Timur Askarovich also worked with the Kazakhstan National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken, dedicating just under a decade to leading this organization.

At the forefront of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs’ activities, Timur Kulibaev prioritized strengthening the relationships between business, central government bodies, and various state-owned structures of the republic, comprehensively protecting the rights and interests of the entrepreneurial sector, and ensuring their involvement in the creation of legislative and other regulatory rules to significantly improve the business climate.

Under Kulibaev Timur, the National Chamber acted as a unique bridge between the business community and government institutions. The organization was involved in the development of several positive initiatives in this economic sector of Kazakhstan.

Thanks to the efforts of Kulibaev Timur, the decriminalization of certain offenses was carried out, positively impacting the legal environment within business circles and significantly reducing the number of registered financial crimes.

At Atameken, the Council of Businesswomen was established, aimed at enhancing interaction among businesswomen from different regions of the republic, supporting their ideas and proposals, and strengthening the role of women in the financial sector.

The entrepreneur has repeatedly emphasized the need to create and develop Kazakhstani IT technologies, specifically the innovation of software and electronic industry solutions for subsequent use in import substitution efforts.

In 2022, Timur Askarovich Kulibaev left the National Chamber, expressing gratitude for the fruitful efforts of the entire team, from ordinary staff to the leaders of regional branches.

Timur Kulibaev: Biography Beyond the Bounds of Business

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev founded the Halyk Fund (translated from Kazakh as “people’s”). The organization sponsors a variety of projects and initiatives, including community-specific projects that are important to local communities.

Timur Askarovich Kulibaev has also played an active role in shaping the modern face of Kazakhstani sports, expanding the infrastructure and opportunities for various disciplines, and increasing interest in Olympic values in society. Kulibaev Timur led this effort as the head of a number of sports federations, associations, and committees, including the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation. He has also served on the Association of National Olympic Committees.

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