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The Rise Of The Wandering Entrepreneurs

The rise of wandering entrepreneurs didn’t start with the pandemic. It was a much earlier phenomenon. But the pandemic created a snowball effect in the movement. As more people were forced to work from home, they realized the benefits of entrepreneurship

And it’s good news for entrepreneurship in general as the numbers had been in decline. With so many people already knee-deep in a side hustle, more were choosing to branch out and do it full-time. 

The allure of self-employment 

Whatever fears held people back from striking out on their own seemed to fade with the onslaught of the pandemic. Many jobs people had previously viewed as safe in the market didn’t feel as safe. And for those people working in essential industries, there was a feeling of fear over working in public-facing positions when they couldn’t control who they came face to face with.  

One of the most prominent issues entrepreneurs faced, in general, was dominant firms that were too big to compete with. It’s hard to push your way to the front of the market when it’s already crowded with massive firms that buy everyone up at the moment; they pose a threat. 

After the great financial crash, more people were risk-averse, especially the Millennials who graduated from college and entered a sparse job market. It set back an entire generation of people, and many of that generation now make up the wandering entrepreneurs. 

Of course, some people were forced into entrepreneurship due to the pandemic layoffs. Although they didn’t choose to do it themselves, they were left with little choice. While many jobs were created after the economy bounced back and businesses reopened, people had experienced a shift in priorities and, by that point, were already doing their own thing.  

As long as you have a laptop or a phone, you can send emails, take calls, network, and work. So, why wouldn’t you strike out on your own and hit the road in a motorhome to sate your wanderlust? The rise of video software, messaging apps, and the internet has made working while you roam. Digital nomads walked so wandering entrepreneurs could run. 

Whether starting a company or freelancing with platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or even Fiverr, there are plenty of ways to work remotely and wander the world while you do it.  

Joining the wander movement 

If you’re considering joining the crowd, there are a few considerations before you take the plunge. First, there is a lot of work involved if you have an existing business and want to evolve into a remote company, and once you do, it is challenging to transition back if it doesn’t work out. So, think carefully about how your business will translate to remote work. A hybrid situation might be a more appropriate way for you to operate. 

However, with a physical office location, you’ll have to consider additional factors, such as creating an engaging and safe work environment. You may need to invest in creating shared working areas or install NVR cameras to meet an office’s essential employees and security needs.

Just be sure to nail the structure of your business. It will become crucial as you go remote, whether you have a team or are working independently. A schedule is necessary because you avoid burnout if you don’t set a rigid schedule. 

It’s easy to get caught up responding to emails at all hours. Your office is your living space, and that can blur the lines. No matter where you are, you should create a workspace separate from your living area so you can mentally exit the space and call it a day. 

Slack vs. in real life (IRL)

One of the biggest reasons people enjoy working in an office is the people they meet. Work friendships are what extroverts thrive on, so if you are an outgoing personality, you will have to get used to fuelling those friendships on Slack rather than in-person. 

And there can be challenges when it comes to recruitment, in the sense that in-person interviews will become a thing of the past. Of course, there are always risks when it comes to doing business differently, but the benefits of getting in on the ground floor of a movement are as exciting as they are rewarding.  

So, whether you’re evolving your side hustle into your day job, scaling your business, or just trying to do something different, the rise of the wandering entrepreneur has opened a world of opportunities. 

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