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In today’s world, whether a human or a business, if you don’t have an online presence you are practically considered dead. One such entity is American Marketing and Publishing LLC (AMP). Even after multiple searches online and spending hours trying to find this company, there is very little I could find about this company.

What is AMP?

At first, when I went to search American Marketing and Publishing LLC on google, it leads to various pages related to it. However, what stirred my curiosity was as soon as I clicked on its website, the loading bar kept on circling and circling and finally, it said the site cannot be reached. SHOCKING! RIGHT! Hence, I decided to keep on digging.

After hours of scourging through the internet, I found a Facebook page and some job-related websites with next to no information. On one such website, I found that American Marketing and Publishing LLC is the marketing and advertising industry with employees around the 200-500 mark.

Through Homepages® Directories, CloseBy® Text Marketing, and OPTIMA Online Visibility and Reputation Management Services, it claims to help nearly 50,000 independent big businesses, small business owners, and companies advertise intelligently to their local community.

They publish more than 500 highly trusted community directory titles in over 10 Midwestern states, making them the leading publisher of community-specific telephone directories in the country.

Where is American Marketing and Publishing LLC Headquarters?

If it is such a big business and a great company it is bound to have an HQ. This is when I got my next shock. According to various maps and websites, American Marketing and Publishing LLC has headquarters at 3 different locations. The location mentioned on its Facebook page and multiple other pages are 915 E Lincoln Hwy, DeKalb, IL, United States, 60115.

There is another profile on which is headquartered in Coralville, IOWA. The other page says that the organization LLC is headquartered in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Good luck to anyone trying to find this company.

The Company Culture at AMP

I kept the location concern aside for a moment and tried to figure out the culture of this organization. Well, I have found both positives and negatives according to the reviews of current and ex-employees that I found on a few job websites.

Some say that organization is a paradise for job seekers. The organization gives evenings and weekends off. So there is a perfect work-life balance. They say that everyone in the company is amazing and provides ample support.

The hardest part is finding a decision maker and the company provides sales training and field training before they send you to meet customers. Everyone has the same pay rate or salary when they join their entry-level job or position at this company and have equal opportunities to succeed.

One of the executives reviewed said although they have to work full days, however, if they follow the system that American Marketing and Publishing LLC laid for them they found success. Everyone is expected to achieve their sales target for which they would receive $50000-$60000 plus bonuses. One employee review said that in his first month a manager joined him during his visit to different companies to make a sale to clients.

A few employees went on to say that they love working at the organization. Some women employees had given 3.1 stars on average for Culture and some women even rated it 3.7 out of 5 on female friendliness of their workplaces. All in all, these earned some positive ratings for the company.

However, others had really bad things to say about the company culture at American Marketing and Publishing LLC. While some employee reviews say it’s a great place to start their career others have said the opposite.

American Marketing People Review

Some people have claimed that the support that At the company provides is not enough their training is mostly online and for half a day their manager would accompany them to visit a client. One of the employee feedback said that there was favoritism in their office.

Another employee review said that the salary they promise is not true as they hide information from their employees. Another employee review said that he/she would have to spend a lot of money on gas driving to different businesses to make sales. One other employee reviewed that he had made a few sales but wanted to achieve more and wanted more training but he was not given any such help.

Managers and management are only interested in employee success because they all receive bonuses shared by one employee. One employee even recommended avoiding this organization at all costs These comments garnered some negative ratings.

In short, if you want a job in the advertising, marketing, or publishing industry and come across job alerts from American Marketing and Publishing LLC be sure to check the job location, the money they pay, and check average rating or overall rating of the company before you sign on the dotted line.

Customer Support Team

It was hard to search for data related to the support team of American Marketing and Publishing LLC. However, I did find the owner leaving the number of their support team on one of the negative comments on Yelp.

Most of the comments on Yelp Careers had negative ratings for the company. These comments were mostly from small businesses and companies. One such comment came from a business owner who suggested others do their business marketing and advertising on their own or hire someone with better past results.

Another complained that her account was held hostage when he/she suggested that he/she manage her account herself and refused to renew the company’s services. One of the clients even claimed that they were getting ripped off. One

One good thing about AMP is that the business owner replied to most of the comments on Yelp. For instance, she said she was glad that her company was able to help one of her clients. She even responded to an angry person who claimed that American marketing does not often respond.

The owner claimed her clients stay with the business as they have been providing excellent service for more than 24 years. She invited her clients to discuss their experience and feedback with the Customer Service Department.

Small Business Owners

Even small companies and business owners publishing reviews about the management were not happy with the job done by AMP. They recommend people to do the job themselves or look for someone with better results.

Salary at AMP

AMP claims to provide a salary that is standard in American marketing, advertising, and publishing organizations. The lowest salary at AMP is in the Service department at $20k. For advertising, publishing, and marketing they pay around 50-60k as stated on one of the websites. The data shared about salary is collected from open data sources.

To sum up, the organization AMP should search for why there is so much negativity regarding its services and why there are so many negative ratings. Executives wanting to apply to this marketing and publishing company should be sure and do their research.

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