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HUH Token increases by over 1000% in under 48 hours – GM WAGMI – We Are All Gonna Make It!

For those in the know, cryptocurrency provides an exceptional financial opportunity; one of the most lucrative and presumably universal qualities of decentralised money is its power to propagate excitement. This produces an environment unlike any other, in which attention is nearly a commodity. Attention is precious, and one of the most successful techniques for capitalising on concentrated attention is through memes. HUH Token and GM Wagmi are two cryptocurrencies that seek to implement this strategy.

GM Wagmi ($GM) takes its name from the shortened phrase ‘gm,’ which means “good morning.” It reflects a community spirit in decentralised finance; everyone is joyful and friendly, embracing friendly greetings with one another on a regular basis. It is designed to demonstrate a pleasant atmosphere for all crypto lovers. On the other side, there is ‘gn’, which means “good night” and is used for the exact same reason. WAGMI, which stands for “We Are All Gonna Make It” supposedly portrays the cryptocurrency community as a joyful and growing family determined to be strong and courteous to one another. $GM was one of the first tokens to be introduced in a totally transparent way, with no team tokens, presale or whitelist.

Fifty per cent of the supply was destroyed at launch, while the remaining 50 per cent was brought to liquidity via uniswap and locked. This token has no purpose at present; it is only a positive community meme. While this is a more enticing idea than other popular meme currencies like Doge and Shiba Inu, it does not make it a sound investing plan. Rather than aiming to eradicate and disregard memes, absorption or adaptation is a more beneficial method.

The HUH Token is a “Utimeme” that intends to utilise the tremendous potential of social broadcast through the use of an NFT platform and a powerful smart contract. Along with substantial social support, it boasts a unique recommendation mechanism based on smart chain programming.

This lets the purchaser of the HUH Token suggest whatever many persons they wish, who do not yet possess the HUH Token, using a code issued during the purchase process. The referrer earns 10 per cent of the new HUH Token holder’s first purchase through this referral system. This 10 per cent is assigned as Ethereum, Binance Coin, or certain other cryptocurrencies depending on the exchange used to execute the transaction. This is crucial because it enables coin holders to receive passive income while also boosting wallet strength through the utilisation of many cryptocurrencies.

HUH, the token has a token redistribution model that gives larger holders of tokens a yield with larger returns, and equally, the greater the number of referrals, the more rewards are earned.

These benefits have caused its launch to soar over 1000% in the 48 hours since launch and has eaten dips voraciously.

In terms of cryptocurrency stability and security, the HUH Token has locked in its liquidity for at least two years on the blockchain. This liquidity is spread equally across the token’s two exchanges, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This token has been audited by three companies, Shellbox, Solidity Finance and Certik. 

As always, take care when making financial decisions and thoroughly examine your options; this information is not financial advice and is designed for educational purposes only.

Location of Token: Pancakeswap 

You can find more information about the newcomer HUH Token through the Socials linked below this article.






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