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How to Start a Business and Develop Skills on Youtube: Tips from Young Entrepreneur Joseph Samuel Song 

Joseph Samuel Song 

Work, knowledge, and determination are the main characteristics that lead the way to success. The young Joseph Samuel Song has been, without a doubt, an example of this. Using his skills, he has undertaken a great business challenging all the obstacles that have been presented to get where he is today.

Joseph’s exciting but challenging business journey began when he was only 17 years old and in high school by finding videos on YouTube of successful entrepreneurs whose incomes exceed 6 figures. He thought that he could carry out his ideas to achieve this, without thinking that this ambitious project would become a big business two years later based on the automation of YouTube and the cash cow channels.

Coming from an Asian home and completely run by his parents, challenging family customs was a big challenge. When he notified his parents of his decision not to continue his studies in college as planned, he had to work twice as hard to prove that his ideas and skills could take him far.

This was the first challenge Joseph faced. His parents were alarmed by the news and were not entirely convinced by their young son’s project. However, after many discussions they let him continue with his ideas.

Taking Steps Towards Success

Like all beginnings, it was complicated for Joseph, mainly because he had many ideas and intentions to carry them out. He assures that not being focused on a single niche or channel, due to his inexperience made it more difficult to start his actions.

He began by focusing his energy on Shopify, which at the time was a trend and he considered a more attractive process. However, as he became more knowledgeable, he noticed that YouTube was a more lucrative platform, so he decided to bring his full attention to it.

Taking advantage of the fact that he was already skilled at uploading and editing videos for YouTube, he continued his progress on this platform. Mainly because of the various revenue-generating opportunities it offers.

Learning is an elemental part of the journey in any business and, Joseph recognized this from the beginning, so focused on successfully advancing his goal, he hired mentors regarding the operation of the various industries on YouTube, renewed his strategy and grew professionally by hiring a team of over 100 people.

Currently, this young man, who is only 19 years old, has made a whole industry with the YouTube automation process. He has more than 50 channels from various clients, which he manages together with his team. On the other hand, he manages about 15 cash cow channels.

Thinking in Terms of Growth

Joseph’s confidence in his idea, motivation, and vision is what has allowed him to find opportunities to continue expanding. Thinking about the growth of a business is essentially what can guide every effort to achieve success.

It is in this way that Joseph has been able to sustain himself up until now. In addition to his channels and customers. He also has the opportunity to teach others in the practice of entrepreneurship and to take advantage of YouTube as a lucrative platform.

On the other hand, he helps others monetize their channels on the platform and earn passive income.

His possibilities of growth are infinite and always thinking ahead, without neglecting each of the aspects that allow him to improve in the present is what gives this young man the greatest opportunity for success.

Don’t Abandon Your Goals

Joseph Samuel has had to go through some difficult times. From his beginnings, things may not always go as well as they should, however, keeping the focus on his goals is what allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur and as a person.

Although he is only 19 years old, he has had the capacity and maturity to maintain his purposes above the circumstances. On top of that, thinking has allowed him to make the right decisions to lead his business to success.

These elements have given him greater scope to strengthen his skills and maintain a successful business career.  

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