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How to Recover Deleted files and folders from PC

Are you in need of retrieving precious deleted files and folders from your PC? Don’t worry! This post can help guide you through the journey to recover those permanently eliminated items, allowing for a successful data recovery

Restore Data from Recycle Bin

Bypassing the Shift + Delete command may seem like a quick fix, however it can lead to losing important files or folders. Fortunately they are not gone permanently – utilizing your Recycle Bin folder is an easy and effective way of restoring them!

Need a hand recovering important files and folders from the Recycle Bin? Follow these easy steps to get back your missing items!

Access the Recycle Bin on your desktop computer to explore which files and documents you are ready to part with.

Uncover those long lost documents by searching based on the Name of file/folder, Date Deleted and Date Modified information.

Consider what you want to selectively restore—carefully select your deleted items now.

Transform your selection by restoring it with a simple right-click.

All previously deleted items will be returned to their original positions.

If you’ve accidentally removed files or folders, they may not be retrievable through conventional means. Fortunately, there are alternative methods available to recover your data – just make sure to follow the next steps!

Restore Deleted Files and Folders from Previous Versions

By taking a snapshot of the folder or volume prior to deletion, you can utilize Previous Versions as an invaluable tool in recovering deleted items. This feature allows users to conveniently access their lost data without having to spend hours searching and trying alternative methods.

Our systems are safeguarded and secure, with System Protection enabled and a Restore Point created to provide an additional layer of security.

Volume Shadow Copy service has been successfully activated, making it possible for users to access previously stored versions of their files.

Easily recover lost files or folders by right-clicking the volume they were located in on your PC and choosing ‘Restore previous versions’.

To locate your missing files and folders, take a look at the multiple versions available to explore.

Retrieve the items that were inadvertently removed from any of these versions of your folder/volume, presenting you with an opportunity to return them.

Upload the files to their designated destination for optimal effectiveness.

Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files and Folders From PC

With its advanced DIY tool, Stellar Data Recovery proves to be the ideal solution for recovering any data that’s been lost or inaccessible on a PC. Be it deleted folders or unaccounted files: no task is too complicated with this powerful software at your fingertips.

To get started, download and install the software on your Windows PC – then launch it to experience all that it has to offer. Proceed to the next step on the main interface.

To access your lost files, simply select the drive or location where they were stored and click Scan. Then you’ll be one step closer to reclaiming them!

Select the wanted items from your list of deleted files and folders, and click Recover to restore them.

To ensure maximum security, we recommend transferring your recovered data onto a storage device separate from your computer.

Ask Experts to Recover Deleted Files -Online

Stellar Remote Data Recovery Service offers an effortless way for your PC to find what has been lost. Recovering deleted folders is fast, secure and easy with this online solution – helping you reclaim those precious memories and important files from the depths of cyberspace in no time at all.

Stellar invites you to actively participate in the process of data recovery. Take advantage of our cutting edge services and secure your digital assets today!

A data recovery specialist promptly reached out to you upon receiving your request. With their expertise, they are sure to provide the necessary assistance in recovering any lost or inaccessible information.

With your consent, our specialist can facilitate a safe network connection with your personal computer and explore the drive attached to it.

Our expert team has successfully retrieved all data that had been previously deleted from your PC, restoring it to its full potential.

Get In-Lab Data Recovery Service to Recover Deleted Files and Folders

With Stellar’s In-Lab data recovery service, you have the advantage of having hard drive experts perform a thorough recovery job. Stellar’s Class 100 Clean Room Lab provides all necessary necessities for our specialists to use advanced tools and precision equipment in order to restore deleted files or folders on your PC with maximum success rate.

Stellar is a name synonymous with success when it comes to data recovery. With an impressive track record, their In-Lab services gives you the peace of mind that up to 100% of your lost or inaccessible files can be recovered—even if they are from mechanically failed drives.


Have you recently lost vital files and folders on your computer? Retrieve them quickly with these easy solutions. Restore from the Recycle Bin or access any Previous Versions preserved by Windows. If that doesn’t work, unleash specialized data recovery software to get back what’s missing – or seek help from an expert like Stellar who offers remote and in-lab services for maximum efficiency!


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