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How to Pack Your Suitcase More Efficiently 


Although Suitcase packing seems straightforward, it is a complex process with rules that travelers often learn the hard way after traveling thousands of miles.  

Taking the proper precautions before you leave can be the difference between a frantic vacation with endless detours to local drugstores and a relaxing one with everything you need at your fingertips.  

Discover our quick and easy packing guide to including only what you need on a business or beach trip and cutting down on wrinkles. We have tips on finding the best suitcase, minimizing your load, and packing only what you need. 


6 Efficient Packing Tips and Tricks 

For packing efficiency and effectiveness, follow these simple tips. 

  • Select a Suitcase in the Right Size 

Ideally, you want a hard-sided suitcase no taller than 22 inches (so it can be used as a carry-on) with a structured shell, preventing you from stuffing too many things into it. At first glance, this may sound like a limitation, but believe us, adding some restrictions to your packing routine goes a long way. 

If you’re going on a more extended trip and absolutely cannot fit everything you need in a 22-inch suitcase, we recommend limiting yourself to medium-sized check-in luggage, no more than 25 or 26 inches tall.  

Look no further than Rollink foldable and expandable luggage for the best combination of style and functionality. 

  • Use the Countdown Rule 

Follow the “countdown rule“ if you need a mantra. To help you simplify your wardrobe. The rule is simple. If you’re traveling for four days, pack four pairs of underwear and socks, three tops, two bottoms, and one pair of shoes. 

Obviously, you’ll need to customize the list to meet the style and length of the trip, perhaps packing a suit jacket or a dress, as well as some exercise gear and a swimsuit. 

  • Play the Tetris Game 

One of the best ways to fit everything in one bag is to fill every inch. If you’re packing footwear, fill it with socks. Then, to protect your clothes from getting dirty, place the shoes in a plastic shopping bag at the bottom of your suitcase, heal to toe. 

The way you organize your suitcase is entirely up to you — the idea is to challenge yourself to use every little bit of space available. Typical strategies include: 

  • Bundle technique — Each article of clothing should be wrapped carefully around a central core, with underwear. And t-shirts at one end and larger tailored items, such as blazers and dresses, at the other. 
  • Packing cubes — Keeping your clothes in smaller bags keeps your outfits neat and tidy. 
  • Rolling it up — You can make more room and reduce wrinkles this way. 
  • Ensure Easy Access to Liquids 

It would be best to always place your toiletries in a clear bag. On top of your luggage since the airport security might be interested in looking at them. 

This rule applies even if you’re not flying, as you’ll want to be able to remove any liquids from your bag before you start unpacking the rest of your stuff once you get to your destination according to CTN News. 

  • Always Keep Your Toiletries in a Separate Kit 

When traveling, it is best to keep a separate kit of toiletries. You won’t forget your toothbrush case on the morning of departure if you prepare a set of bathroom products in advance.  

Put these items in a small box or pouch in a drawer or cabinet so you can easily access them when packing. Think about all-in-one products, such as BB creams, which work as a foundation, moisturizer, and sunblock all in one. 

Finally, double up those plastic bags to prevent any leakage. 

  • Try to Leave Behind as Much Kid Gear as Possible 

Hotels often provide cribs and car seats for their guests or offer them for rent. Your savings in checked bag fees and hassle will offset any extra money you may spend. There are extra formulas, suntan lotions, and Cheerios for sale at your destination.  

Diapers are one exception; you’ll want to have more on hand if your flight is delayed, not less. Also, bring a change of clothes for the child and yourself. This way, you’ll be prepared if she spills juice on you. 

Make sure you have movies and games on your phone or tablet to keep the kids entertained while reducing your workload. Toys like Play-Doh are great for toddlers who can’t watch an in-flight movie but are too old to nap on your lap. You can also Checkout 5movierulz for movies.


Planning and practicing are essential for efficient suitcase packing. In the future, take advantage of the packing tips outlined in this article. And also don’t be afraid to expand your research: you’ll find plenty more useful tips online. 

Taking the time to implement these tips. And not being afraid to accept a few pointers from other travelers on the road. It will have you packing your suitcase like a pro in no time. 

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