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Types of travel accessories: how to buy a suitcase?

When travelling, it is almost always convenient to use suitcases to transport your belongings. Of course, the exception is when travelling on foot or by two-wheeled transport. But for planes, buses or trains, you should buy a suitcase. You can put your belongings and souvenirs in it.

However, when you go to a store or open a catalogue in an online shop, it turns out that choosing a suitcase is not so easy. The thing is that there is a wide variety of models. So the question arises: what kind of купити валізу and what to look for? However, if you understand this issue a little, everything falls into place. In fact, it is better to have several models in your arsenal for different needs. The choice depends on the number of people travelling with you, the distance and duration of the trip, its purpose and even the type of transport.

Types of suitcases by purpose

There are several ways to classify suitcases, most commonly by size or purpose. Depending on what they are used for, suitcases can be

Travel suitcases. These are classic models of suitcases for travelling. They can be of different sizes, designs and construction. There are varieties for short trips alone or long journeys with a family;

– Universal. These are small suitcases or even briefcases that are used as hand luggage;

– Executive. These are usually stylish cases that are taken with you to important meetings or business trips. This is more of a status item made of high-quality plastic or metal;

– Specialised. These are different suitcases that are made specifically for carrying certain things. For example, beauty cases, suitcases for gaming equipment, tools, photographic equipment, etc.

What size suitcase to buy

When it comes to classic travel suitcases, they are usually available in several sizes. Sometimes they are even sold as a set of several items made in the same style, but different in size. It is convenient to buy them if you have to travel often but the duration of these trips varies significantly.

So, according to the size of the suitcase, they are divided into:

– Hand luggage. This is the smallest type of suitcase, this category includes models with a volume of no more than 35 litres. You can put the most necessary things in this suitcase. In some cases, it can be used independently for a short trip for one person. There may also be slightly larger models, but they are already suitable for hand luggage on all carriers;

– Small suitcases. These are travel accessories with a volume of up to 60 litres and a length of up to 68 cm. These are more spacious models, but they won’t allow you to take many things with you. However, it will be suitable for a couple of days for two people;

– Середны валізи. In most cases, this is an ideal option for travelling. The volume of luggage is up to 80 litres. This is enough for a full holiday for two, and even souvenirs will fit on the way back;

– Large. It is important to note that bigger is not always better. They will accommodate the belongings of the whole family going on a several-week holiday. But how to carry all this goodness. Of course, suitcases are equipped with wheels, but you should expect that sometimes you will have to lift your luggage in your arms (for example, when walking up the stairs), and a full large suitcase is very heavy. In addition, suitcases are measured and weighed in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, and if they do not fit according to some indicator, you will have to pay for additional seats. 

Therefore, in many cases, it is better to buy several smaller suitcases. For example, you can buy a separate suitcase for each family member: parents – medium, children – small. In this case, it will be easier to unpack your belongings.

It’s worth noting that suitcases with bags are very handheld. They are transported together using the wheels of the suitcase, but one accessory is checked in as luggage, and the other is taken on board as hand luggage. 

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