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How to Make Money on Instagram? What Keenan Williams Does to Turn Followers into Clients

How to Make Money on Instagram

It is very difficult to meet a person who does not have a social network account. With Instagram being one of the most popular, it becomes even more difficult. All those people concentrated in one place have become something that, if you know how to do it, you can get a lot of money out of it.

Young Keenan Williams is a well-known social network entrepreneur, especially on Instagram. His social network career began long before he understood the benefits of having a large and loyal following. While working day and night, he has always been active on the web and was well accepted.

One day he saw the business potential of networking and decided to take the path to financial independence. He left his job and devoted himself to market research and the exploitation of his brand. In the first months, he dedicated himself to being an influencer and promoter of product and service brands.

But in a short time, he realized that people were coming back to him, that they were buying the products because they related them to him, and that’s when he decided it was time to open his own company. At first, his idea was to do something unique, although he saw that social network sales of skincare products were not being exploited, this would ensure his success in the market.

Knowing how to identify a business opportunity

The sale of skincare products is a market dedicated mostly to women. Before he started, Keenan knew that this segment was completely saturated. However, he saw that all sales were made through various channels, and networks like Instagram were not being served.

He had identified a business opportunity. Seeing that there was unmet consumer potential gave him a competitive advantage, and he quickly took that market by storm. This translated into big profits for young Keenan Williams. His first 6 months as an Instagram entrepreneur brought a million dollars into his pockets.

This is what online business is all about, more so now that social networking is so important. Seeing an opportunity and turning it into a profitable business is something few people dare to do. And no wonder, it’s not easy to do. People like Keenan take risks, and when they know how to do it, they get great results.

On the other hand, there is the ability of each person to turn their followers into customers. You can have millions of followers, but if you don’t know how to make them your customers you won’t make a dime. That’s another skill Williams handles very well; he knew how to transform his audience into consumers of his product. By doing so, his success in the skincare industry was assured. In the first year, he made $2.5 million in revenue, not bad.

How to turn followers into customers?

To make money with Instagram and other social networks you must be able to sell to your audience. This network is not like YouTube that pays you to create content by reaching a certain amount of followers, for example. Here you have to know how to start a business to make money.

What Keenan recommends is that you create a strong bond with your audience before you start. During this process, you should segment, address the people who will be your future customers. The idea is to attract people who are interested in what you are going to sell them. In the case of Williams, you should target women, since they would be your target audience.  

Then, for your followers to become customers, your content must be focused on your product. Creating valuable content is important, because that’s how you will attract them. Once they are in your account, you must generate interest in your product or service and if you have targeted the content well, they will end up becoming part of your growing clientele.

All this becomes much easier if you are already a recognized personal brand on the networks because reaching more people will be much easier.

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