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How Nestor Castro Made E-commerce His Main Battleground

Nestor Castro

 Leadership is an aspect that has accompanied Nestor Castro throughout his life. That’s why he joined the U.S. Army where he spent years and 12 months in Afghanistan serving his country in combat. After that, returning to normalcy was a challenge he handled very well.

After 5 years in the police force, Nestor understood that it was time to change the battlefield, without taking away from his life the adventure and the risk of achieving victories. That is why he decided to start in e-commerce, a complex environment but full of great possibilities of success.

Since he started this facet, Nestor was involved in different experiences of attempts and failures. However, this did not stop him, used to learning from mistakes and getting the best out of each experience, he continued to go deeper into the digital world until he came across Dropshipping, a business model that gave him excellent results.

After several attempts with unbeatable success, he managed to obtain up to 6 figures in his companies, a fact that is not discouraging at all. His leadership skills and the abilities that made him an expert in e-commerce drove him to give even more, and at that time he founded Dropship Tribe, in the company of two other partners.

Knowledge and Constant Updating

The company founded by Castro consists of a consulting agency, aimed at guiding entrepreneurs in the Dropshipping business by providing the appropriate tools to lead them to success.

Basing their procedures on knowledge and updates, they offer effective business models to help those interested in taking advantage of Internet resources to achieve financial freedom and success when undertaking a new business idea.

Since Dropshipping can be a difficult business to understand, but with great benefits for providers and entrepreneurs, Nestor saw an excellent business opportunity in this aspect. What some people may consider risky, this now e-commerce expert, saw it as the time of his life to achieve his purpose: to travel, make money, and obtain his financial freedom.

Sharing to Multiply

Not satisfied with his success, the need to continue serving society from another aspect of his life was one of the reasons that motivated Nestor to evolve his business from another perspective.

It is here that he gives way to the possibility of starting consulting services about financial education, especially for young people. This considering that besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is a dedicated father who wants to share the principles applied within his business environment with his daughter Ava.

It is for this reason that Nestor also dedicates his time, not only to transform the lives of his clients through e-commerce by encouraging them to take risks, advance in their experiences, and strive for success. But also to be an influence on young people like his daughter. With the goal that they gain knowledge about financial education, they become empowered and can work on the right path towards their goals.

A Field of Opportunity

One of Nestor’s greatest purposes as a businessman and entrepreneur is to influence society. To motivate people on the way to their goals and to offer from his experience a wide vision of the field of opportunities that they can find if they keep the right mentality for it.

It seeks to generate a positive impact by generating transformative behaviors from the area of leadership and financial education. It ensures that the changes that can be achieved with this phenomenon will be of broad benefit to current and future society, especially to young people, who will have the possibility of finding a path to success as long as they take control of their financial resources.

Although life for Nestor has been full of challenges and experiences that could have stopped his progress, the determination to find his true passion and work on his projects has led him through a journey in which his knowledge is recognized and success is widely deserved, since it is the efforts and dedication to strengthening his personal and professional growth that has brought him to where he is today.  

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