How ECO-ST De-Icer Uses Starfish to Create Modern De-Icing Technology

ECO-ST is a South Korean based company that is using starfish extracts which has porous structures adsorbing chloride ions to create a groundbreaking de-icing technology that also protects aquatic life more and incorporates a completely new approach to applying the de-icing technique.

Why Starfish?

The South Korean government collects and purchases starfish to protect fishermen’s farms and the marine ecosystem. Because the purchased starfish have no practical purpose, the government spends more money to dispose of them.

Starfish are a major problem for South Korea’s aquaculture industry(marine farm) sector, and starfish removal costs approximately 58 million USD each year.

By receiving a free supply of starfish, which are considered marine waste in Korea, from the government, ECO-ST de-icer reduces the cost of incineration disposal and creates social/environmental values.

STAR’S TECH ECO-ST then uses this biowaste as part of their technology for de-icing, enacting both an environmental and social responsibility.

STAR’S TECH deicer adsorption

Chloride ions cause untold amounts of damage like the corrosion of metals and the deterioration of concrete. STAR’S TECH deicer contains the starfish’s porous bone chip structure, which can quickly and effectively adsorb chloride ions and is safer for humans and plants. The ECO-ST de-icer is more protective of the soil, pavements, and roads against the buildup of harmful chloride ions which are toxic.

Innovation with biowaste

ECO-ST uses starfish biowaste which when released helps adsorb chloride ions. When applied to pavement or roads, these ions have the power to break up small sheets of ice that can form into larger sheets that are hard to remove. This ultimately keeps them from deteriorating and damaging the pavement, as well as the environment around it. It also provides an innovative approach to de-icing.

Smart storage and release

The use of starfish also means STAR’S TECH de-icer is 29 times more effective against corrosion than other competitors(less corrosive than water). The starfish extract reacts with corrosion inhibitors to protect against corrosion often caused by chloride ions, and this combination only uses 1/3 of the corrosion inhibitors used by other de-icing companies.

ECO-ST less-waste technology

The company is helping the zero waste movement by creating eco-friendlier technology that helps our physical world more. By using starfish that would otherwise go to waste, ECO-ST takes part in an upcycling process that allows for environmentally safer manufacturing and production, and ultimately create a viable new product and technique for modern de-icing.

As our world becomes more industrialized and advanced, we need modern solutions to common problems, like de-icing, that don’t cause so much damage to our planet. That’s why ECO-ST uses starfish biowaste in its de-icing technology as it helps provide a way to decrease the infrastructure damage from harsh winter conditions.

STAR’S TECH ECO-ST design also decreases waste disposal costs and ultimately creates a new approach to applying de-icing technology that provides more benefits to our environment, economy, and society.

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