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How Disabled  People Can Get Facilities during Umrah?


Even though the Umrah pilgrimage is not obligatory for all Muslims, everyone wants to perform it at least once in their lifetime. It is only mandatory for those who are physically and financially capable. But who wants to avoid experiencing this spiritual journey? Therefore, disabled people also seek opportunities to visit the Almighty’s home. They also want to ask for his blessings and a place in Jannah. 

So, if you or any of your loved ones are disabled and have booked Umrah packagesyou must know the facilities disabled people get during the pilgrimage. Moreover, you can consult a reliable Islamic travel agency for special services and facilities for disabled people during Umrah. It is time not to let your or your loved one’s disability hinder your spiritual journey. Every Muslim deserves to visit the Holy Kaabah, revive their faith, and be closer to Allah Almighty. 

Different Options for Disabled People to Perform Umrah

There are various options for disabled people to perform Umrah. The first one is that they can have someone perform for them. For this, they will not have to leave the comfort of their home and experience the inconvenience of travelling. But not many people avail of this option. This is because every Muslim wants to travel to the holy house of the Almighty in person and please Him. 

In this case, the disabled person can ask any of their family member or relatives to take them on the Umrah. They will need someone to move their wheelchair and assist them during various other rites of Umrah. But if you need someone to take you to Umrah, contact an Islamic travel agency. It will ensure that you get the required assistance during your spiritual journey. Therefore, you will have to decide on your own which option will suit you the best.

In addition, you can tell you about your requirements to your travel agency before booking Umrah packages to know how they can help you. They will also guide you about the facilities the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides disabled pilgrims. Most people prefer taking a loved one to assist them in their Umrah. But if you don’t have anyone, you always have the option of an experienced travel agency. 

Facilities for Disabled People during Umrah

The government of Saudi Arabia ensures that all pilgrims get everything that they want during their spiritual journey. You get free of cost wheelchairs at Jeddah and Medina airports as they are designated for Hajj and Umrah wheelchairs. Escalators and ramps are also available for people on wheelchairs or those who can’t use the stairs. But make sure that you tell the airport management about your needs and requirements so that you can get the facilities accordingly. 

Moreover, you can also get wheelchairs inside Haram. The facility of wheelchairs is not available on public transport such as buses. So, you must consider getting private transport or a taxi to get around the holy cities. You can also avail of the Uber services. 

For performing Tawaf, you can use an automatic wheelchair or have someone push your wheelchair. While performing the rites of Saee, you can also choose an electronic cart. It is very convenient to complete the rounds between Safa and Marwa. But not everyone can afford this facility. Therefore, if you don’t have enough money to get the electronic cart, you can perform Saee just like you performed your Tawaf with your wheelchair. You can tell the travel agency about your requirements while booking your Umrah packages. 

Precautions to Take While Performing Umrah on a Wheelchair

In addition, if you are planning to perform an Umrah in a wheelchair, here are some precautions that you need to take. Whether using an automatic wheelchair or driving someone else’s wheelchair, here are some tips to ensure a convenient Umrah in a wheelchair. 

  1. Each Tawaf requires excellent physical stamina and can be a very exhausting process. Therefore, if you are driving someone else’s wheelchair, you must take good rest at the nearest stop after performing each Tawaf. 
  2. Even though the mere sight of Kaabah excites Muslims, it might result in sleeplessness for some people. But you must take a good night’s sleep before performing the rites of Umrah. 
  3. If you are feeling dizzy or can’t seem to make decisions actively, you must take a break and get some rest.
  4. Stay hydrated, especially during the summers. 
  5. Try to walk on the white marble.
  6. The jog between Safa and Marwa can get exhaustive for wheelchair bearers. In this case, you can take help from the wheelchair assistants, who are dressed in green uniforms. They will do the job for you. 

Final Words

Once you have booked Umrah packages but are disabled or taking a disabled person on the journey, you will have to look for the facilities you might get. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah ensures that every Muslim can access the Holy Kaabah, regardless of physical condition or age. You can get help from a reliable Islamic travel agency if you need someone to take you to the Umrah.


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