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How David Kurzmann Built One of The Biggest Sports Nutrition Companies in The World

David Kurzmann

In August of 2015, David Kurzmann, his brother Lukas, and their friend Thomas Mark introduced a new business to the global market. Women’s Best is a sports nutrition and fitness-related clothing company that’s specifically geared towards women. 

The founders examined the current fitness market and recognized a decided lack in women’s fitness products. For several years before opening Women’s Best, the Kurzmann brothers had been working alongside a nutritionist to offer customized fitness and nutrition programs to clients. They discovered that most supplements and sports nutrition products were created with men’s physiques in mind. It didn’t offer the unique nutrition that women needed. 

“We’ve always been passionate about fitness and social media, and we’ve always wanted to create something with a positive impact for ourselves and the community,” David said in a recent interview. “We found that no sports nutrition brands are directing their messages exclusively to women, and we saw an opportunity to do good.”

Since its start, Women’s Best has become one of the biggest names in sports nutrition and sportswear around the world. The growth was incredible with an 800 percent jump in revenue by the second year. Now, they’re in 150 countries with more than 900,000 customers and a massive following on social media. 

David Kurzmann recently shared some of the tactics they used to build an empire in women’s sports and nutrition.  

Building a Team 

The Kurzmann brothers started the company on their own, but after the launch, they had six people running the whole operation. Now, there are 40 employees along with their sponsored athletes and social media influencers who help to spread the word about their products. 

“Along with creating a unique, high-quality line of products adapted for the female body’s needs, one of the most important early steps was finding the right people who held the same passion and vision as Women’s Best,” David says. 

They now have a team that’s in charge of their social media influencer accounts to make sure everyone who endorses their brand is interested in the same things and will keep the message on-brand. Every member of the Women’s Best team is passionate and devoted to the company mission. 

Learning from Others 

A close market analysis was key in the beginnings of Women’s Best. If they had not learned from others in the industry, the team may not have discovered such an obvious need. 

“Most sports nutrition companies were not directing their message towards women,” David said. “They weren’t making fitness seem fun and achievable to everyone, either. They were trying to sell a product, not a lifestyle.”

The Women’s Best team also closely analyzed the marketing efforts of some of the top fitness products in the world. Nike, for example, have very popular marketing campaigns because they aren’t marketing the products. Instead, they’re marketing a lifestyle of health and vitality aided by the products these brands produce. 

With these strategies in mind, Women’s Best was able to grow rapidly in just a few years. They fed off some of the most successful fitness marketing tactics on the internet to show that women’s nutrition and vitality can be a lifestyle choice, not just a way to spend your money. This lesson helped them scale quickly and effectively. 

David also said that they learned a lot from analyzing their own successes and failure. 

“Building our company was full of ups and downs and challenges,” he shared. “We broke through hard moments, but each one of them was a lesson that made us stronger and more motivated to continue.”

Focusing on Quality 

The Women’s Best team understood from the start the vast importance of developing a standard of quality for their products and their company. 

“We couldn’t have built global awareness of our brand without creating high quality products,” Kurzmann said. “We also focused on defining our brand message and sharing that vision with our followers. Because we focused on quality, our customers were happy to share our content and tell their friends about what we offer.” 

This is an important lesson for any business. Finding a market demand and improving your marketing efforts are important parts of launching a successful business, but if you want to maintain success, you’ll prioritize delivering quality products that speak for themselves. 

Remember that quality doesn’t always mean pricey. There’s value in developing products that really work at a great price, and Women’s Best strives to make their products affordable without sacrificing quality. It’s all part of their efforts to make fitness more attainable for women globally. 

Expanding Globally

Women’s Best began in Austria, but it didn’t stop there. It’s now in more than 150 countries with more than 900,000 customers. This is all possible thanks to a strong social media and global marketing presence that has reached more than 1.3 billion people worldwide each year. 

“We focused on delivering our message and using the suitable social media influencers who share the same vision as Women’s Best to spread it around the globe,” David said. 

Instagram in particular has a strong global presence that marketers can use to take their business around the world. There are a billion active monthly users on the app, and 80 percent of them live outside of the United States. Women’s Best has capitalized on that with a diverse Instagram page brimming with high-value content. 

Women with an interest in fitness and health have a lot in common no matter where they live. The Women’s Best team uses Instagram and other marketing platforms to establish a lifestyle that women all over the world can get behind. It’s this concept that has carried them so far in such a short amount of time and that will continue to propel their success for years to come.

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