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How Can I Boost My Personal Brand? Innovation Tips From The Successful Lawyer, Sam Geller


Nowadays it is very common that before hiring a service or buying a product, to resort to recommendations. This is done to back up the information we receive from a person or company, ensuring that it is true. This need for verification needs to be satisfied and therefore we go to reliable sources such as recommendation platforms to have that desired backup.

That’s something Criminal Defense lawyer Sam Geller knows too well. In his profession, as in any other, it is necessary to have the prestige to be recognized and successful. That’s why Sam recognizes the importance of backing up his achievements and recognition on digital recommendation platforms.

Sam Geller, who is a highly regarded lawyer in San Francisco has had a career that has always been on the rise. This has been possible because he understood early on how essential brand support is. It wasn’t long before he was practicing as a Public Defender in Marin County that he was able to start his own business, Geller Law.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how do I support my brand on referral platforms? Before you can answer that question you must know the platforms on which you can do so. To that end, we’re going to follow some of the recommendations that Sam Geller himself has left for those who want to get into this area.

The main recommendation platform

In times of digital marketing, it is not enough to have a physical business where people can find you. That means a relocation, and few real people will get to you. What Sam recommends as the main recommendation platform to support your brand is to have a website.

Every great service or product brand has one, and that’s worth a lot today. People will want to know what services you offer, who recommends you, or who you’ve worked with. To verify that, they go to your website and check all the information.

A website will give you authority, notoriety and will serve as a support for your personal brand. As you can see, it is a very important tool that you should not leave aside to promote your business.

Use the right social media

Social media is another great platform for recommendations to which people turn. They seek to have direct contact with the brand – this contact is essential, because it is where people try to start a relationship.

Depending on what you offer and the testimonies of other people in your media, they will decide to trust you or not. Sam recommends making good use of your social media and has Instagram and LinkedIn as some of his preferred recommendation platforms.

This social media is characterized by a professional tone, in which it converges a large number of companies and career professionals who offer their services. Being a social media, it is common to see comments about organizations or other people, that is why it is used as a recommendation platform.

Search directories

Another way to back up your personal brand is to place your services on a search website.  This Sam applies very well and is how he has gained great recognition in his area. He uses lawyer directory platforms, where he can be found and his experience can be corroborated.

This adds authority to what people already know about him since on these sites people leave their opinions about the service being provided. Remember that trust is not gained by saying you are good at something, you must show that you are, and the best way is by having others recommend you.

When you comply with these three recommendation platforms that Sam has implemented, you achieve exponential growth. That’s the real importance of having a presence on them, otherwise you’ll get stuck.

Sam Geller’s advice is simple, show yourself to people as much as you can, and let your quality work do the rest. The recommendations you may have in your area will come on their own and that will attract more clients.

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