Giuliano Gigliotti Teaches Entrepreneurs to Become Valuable Assets for Themselves

It would be next to impossible to claim with absolute certainty that the sharks swimming in the entrepreneurial waters aren’t sometimes self-obsessed or suffering from an enlarged ego. Rightfully so, because it takes a certain kind of person to keep bouncing up after all the failures that often go hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship.

For Giuliano Gigliotti, however, it has nothing to do with ego. Getting back up after getting knocked down or finding a way to move on after being robbed of a great business opportunity are consequences of a mindset anyone can adopt. One of the key components of it is that entrepreneurs treat themselves right, invest in themselves, and build themselves up into valuable assets.

Investing in Yourself

It starts, of course, with an entrepreneur who’s decided that the best placement for their resources is themselves. If there’s one piece of advice Giuliano loves to give to people, it’s to invest in themselves before investing in anything else.

It’s only when one tries their very best to achieve their goals that they can appreciate the tools that they’re using to help them get there. Those same tools include knowing when to spend resources to better themselves instead of, for example, getting a position in a business that would only make them wonder what to do with it because they’re simply not ready.

Knowing when to push the focus outward is another key aspect of being a good self-investor. That’s the part where having an infectious positive attitude can help, and it’s also the step when the entrepreneur might consider building networks.

Developing the Right Kinds of Networks

Things usually don’t happen in a vacuum. If an entrepreneur is alone, with a poorly developed network and lacking the skills to attract the right kind of people for their ideas, the road ahead of them won’t look good. Networks are incredibly important.

Building networks can be fun, and it’s something entrepreneurs should always be doing. Whether on a trip or going to a local store, when the right kind of opportunity presents itself, it’s best to be ready to pounce on it and grab it before it gets away.

Ideally, entrepreneurs will want to develop worldwide networks. The tools are already there; social media and content platforms give every possible opportunity to get a foot through that door. What happens next is completely up to the entrepreneur and how well they’re using their skill set.

Reaping the Results

One thing the entrepreneur gets from treating themselves as their most important asset is a lot of influence. If people notice how much goes into every aspect of their presence in every sense of that word, they will notice the value in it and become attracted to it. That’s something that can impart a certain level of power to the entrepreneur.

The easiest way to start seeing the result is to offer public support to certain businesses. Striking up these kinds of business relationships can be tricky, so it might be good to team up with someone familiar with the field. Once that is done, however, there’s very little that can stop a savvy entrepreneur from navigating their way up the ladder.

To learn more about Giuliano Gigliotti, follow him on Instagram at @Gilligan710.

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