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Get On Top And Boost Your Business In Times Of COVID -19: Tips From Haitham Amin 

Boost Your Business In Times Of COVID

People who have reached the top have not had a pleasant road full of flowers. They have always had to overcome obstacles to achieve great things, those barriers in the way are challenges, failures, or mistakes that are made and must be overcome. Today we all have a big barrier ahead of us, and that is to continue in times of pandemic.

Attorney Haitham Amin recognizes that it is very difficult to practice his profession these days, but that makes it an exciting challenge. Being a trial lawyer he has to face trials and wearing a mask to give arguments and objections is a challenge.

But this is something that Amin has lived with throughout his professional career. In fact, for him, every challenge he has ever had in his life has propelled him to the top. From the time he began serving as a public defender in Solano County to the present, there are many barriers he has overcome.

With every challenge he has overcome in his career, he has achieved great things. He has won awards for Best DUI Lawyer in San Francisco in 2016 and is considered one of the top 10 lawyers with satisfied clients.

Moving forward in the face of difficulties

It’s no secret that the whole of society has been touched by the current COVID-19 pandemic. No one has been unaware of the negative impact of having to be quarantined and having to adapt to a new normality.

Haitham Amin is clear about this, you don’t have to stop in the face of adversity, you keep fighting. But how do you do that, you might ask? Adapt, you have to be quick enough to adapt to the new times. This is something that Amin has applied in his current working life, and it has worked for him throughout his career.

Whatever your field of work, you must seek to adapt to the new normality. Try to create new ways to create value, look for new tools that can help you get your services or products. The key is ingenuity and mobility, always keep moving and you will manage to overcome any barrier, even that of the Covid-19.

What you should consider

There are important things to consider to overcome this strong barrier. The main thing is to consider health. This means that you will have to follow all the recommendations of the authorities. This is vital to move forward.

Haitham Amin himself is doing this in his trials, where, as we have already said, you go with a mask and respect physical distance. He has also participated in hearings by video conference, something that is only possible due to the pandemic.

But it is those little things that make a difficult path like the one we are all facing more passable. If you have a business or a venture, consider all that Haitham has mentioned. They are simple things, but sometimes we forget to do them and they are the difference.

Boosting your social media presence

As a last piece of advice, Amin leaves us a very valuable one. You must boost your presence on social media. That has been the way out that many have chosen to face the crisis, many companies. Haitham himself is devoting much of his time to strengthening his brand on social media.

This is a very valuable tool that you should consider if you don’t already do so. Amin recognizes that these platforms are a way to attract potential customers. However, he emphasizes that for it to work you must grow your personal brand. This is the way you can achieve success.

Although it is not easy to position yourself as a brand in social media, if you do, the benefits are many. The first one is that you increase your exposure, reaching national and international clients, in case you provide a service that can be given at a distance.

Going through a crisis successfully will depend on specific things, and if you don’t do them you will get stuck and be devastated. Adapt yourself to the situations, be innovative, stay healthy, and above all start building a strong personal brand in social media. Simple things, but that help you get ahead and always get to the top.

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