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Experts Rate the Best Crypto Signup Bonuses Offer

Experts Rate the Best Crypto Signup Bonuses Offer

Crypto signup bonuses are an excellent method for new cryptocurrency users to get started. These bonuses are usually free cryptocurrency or tokens transferred into your account after signing up for a new platform.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, numerous platforms, and exchanges are providing signup bonuses to attract new customers, making it challenging to choose the best. Recently, Traders Union experts rated the 14 best Crypto Signup Bonuses.

This post will highlight the best 14 Crypto Signup bonuses as rated by Traders Union experts. Continue reading to learn more.

14 Best Crypto Signup Bonuses Offers

According to Traders Union, the best Crypto Signup bonuses are;


Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivative with a referral scheme that allows traders to create a referral link to attract other traders to join Bybit. You both receive a $20 bonus when your referee opens an account. You both receive bonuses of up to $500 when your referee reaches different trading volume thresholds.

It also has an affiliate scheme that pays you 30% of your referees’ trading fees if you meet specific eligibility requirements.

Huobi Global

Huobi Global distinguishes itself from other cryptocurrency exchanges by offering over 300 cryptocurrencies.

Every new user is eligible for a $170 signup bonus if they engage in certain trading activities. This cryptocurrency exchange features a referral program open to all of its clients. It will receive a 15% commission on any trades your referee does that register with Huobi Global using your referral link.


Binance provides a signup incentive of up to $100 for new users who accomplish some basic activities within seven days of enrolling. When your cumulative losses reach the bonus value, you can withdraw your bonus.

You may also create a referral link that allows you to accumulate up to 40% of the total trading fees of your referrals.


BitGet has a bonus airdrop program that users can claim up to 1,000 USDT airdrops. The campaign, however, is first come, first served.

To qualify for this bonus, users must:

  1. Make a Deposit to Win Airdrops – Users will qualify to win a bonus bundle valued up to 100 USDT when they must deposit at least 100 USDT.
  2. Begin Trading and Win Airdrops- To win a bonus package valued up to 600 USDT, users must trade with at least 2,000 USDT in the Futures or Spot. Users can earn double benefits after completing their first deal and should remember that the higher the trade volume, the greater their chances of receiving an enormous incentive.
  3. Invite Friends and Win Airdrops – Users can invite friends to receive a 10 USDT referral reward.


MEXC offers various signup bonuses and other incentives, such as the following:

Deposit Reward

MEXC offers a first-time deposit to a futures account that is administered within 48 hours of futures account activation:

Deposit $300 – Receive $10 Futures Bonus

Deposit $500 – Receive $20 Futures Bonus

Deposit $2,000 – Receive $40 Futures Bonus

Accumulative net deposit of Futures account within seven days ≥ $10,000 gets random credit bonus worth $10-50

Trading Reward

MEXC offers a Trading Reward with the following specifications: Users are encouraged to trade with MEXC futures to earn instant trading rewards.

First Futures Trade ≥ $2,000 – earn $10 Futures Bonus

Trade ≥ $5,000 futures trading volume to earn a $20 futures bonus.

Trade ≥ $20,000 futures trading volume within seven days to earn a random $10-100 futures bonus.


Kraken offers a regular referral program in which users can create a referral link and invite others to sign up using their link. They will be paid 20% of the total trading costs paid by their referees.


Coinbase offers a $5 signup incentive to US clients who authenticate their accounts; however, the benefit is unavailable for those who sign up using a referral link.

Coinbase also offers a referral program in which the referral and the referee receive a $10 incentive when the referral makes their first trade of at least $100.

Coinbase also runs a rewards program called Coinbase Earn for those who want to earn free cryptocurrency by learning about new cryptocurrencies.


CoinEx offers a referral program in which the referral receives a percentage of the referee’s trading fees depending on their overall trading volume over 30 days. If it is up to $500,000, you will receive 40% of their fees; up to $2,500,000, you will receive 45% of their costs; and up to $10,000,000, you will receive 50%. The bonus is paid in USDT.


With BitFinex’s referral program, you can earn money from three levels of your referral network. You earn 18% of the trading fees of your first-level referees, 6% of the trading fees of your second-level referees, and 2% of the trading fees of your third-level referees.


BitMex offers a referral program where you can earn a percentage of your referrals’ trading fees based on their overall trading volume. If it is greater than 0XBT, you will receive 10%; greater than 1,000XBT, 15%; and greater than 10,000XBT, 20%.


KuCoin offers a conventional referral program where you can create a referral link and get referral incentive offers from your referees. For one year, you will receive 20% of their trading fees.


OKEx provides a referral program in which you can earn $15 for every freshly qualified referrer. You will receive a share of their trading fees after five eligible referrals.


The eToro referral program enables users to generate a referral link that they may use to invite friends to open an account. You both gain a $50 bonus if your referee makes a trade worth at least $100. However, only customers from eligible US states are eligible for the benefits. offers a $50 signup incentive to individuals who deposit at least $20 into their account and make a trade. However, if you sign up using a referral link, you will receive a tokenized stock worth up to $100 and a 10% trading fee reduction for three months. Similarly, if you establish and share a referral link, you will receive a tokenized stock worth up to $100 and 50% of your referee’s trading fees for six months each time someone registers using your referral code.


Crypto signup bonuses can be an excellent way for new crypto users to get started and for experienced traders to try out new platforms. Traders Union experts advised traders to research the terms and conditions beforehand and always practice safe trading practices to minimize risks.

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