Early User Registration Opened by StrongNode Edge

In a recent press release, StrongNode Edge, the infrastructure-as-a-service project for the node economy, has announced the opening of its early user registration. According to the source, this will allow potential users to get in on the market earlier while reserving a minimal spot. The team has set aside one thousand spots to be claimed by prospective users. 

Since its inception, StrongNode Edge has aimed to leverage blockchain technology concerning payments, rewards, and efficiency. By employing this distributed ledger, StrongNode is hoping to build a ton of unique web3 products capable of completely revolutionizing the computing resource market. 

Connecting to the StrongNode Edge Network 

Anyone with a smart device can seamlessly connect to the Edge network. They can also provide unused computing resources and, in turn, earn rewards for doing so. 

StrongNode groups its users in three segments—Edge Seeders, Edge Innovators, and Edge Customers. 

Edge Seekers or Node Seeders are charged with providing computing resources to the StrongNode Edge network. By earning rewards, they aid in the proliferation of the network. On the other hand, Edge Innovators champion introducing innovative technology and social initiatives while delivering a solid platform to support compute-intense needs. 

Both groups of users on the Edge network will provide unused computing resources for companies in the commercial and supply chain industries. Additionally, both will contribute to the project’s growth by taking an active part in certain activities. 

StrongNode Edge will enable crypto and fiat payments to revolutionize the computing resource market. Companies and individuals seeking unused resources will pay with USD and $SNE. If USD is used, a percentage of the overall fiat payment is set aside to buy $SNE. This, according to the team, will help to fill the reward pool. 

Benefits of the StrongNode Edge Project 

Utilizing blockchain technology, StrongNode hopes to offer users and developers numerous benefits. For the latter, StrongNode will deploy APIs and developer tools to aid workflows on the Edge infrastructure. 

The integrated Edge technologies handle all large-scale data, network bandwidth, security, identity, and management.

For users, StrongNode will harvest and distribute GPU/CPU, data storage, and bandwidth on a global scale. 

Plans are underway to expand the project’s utility, and according to the project document, creating a democratically governed ecosystem is in the pipeline. Once launched, $SNE token holders will have the right to vote on decisions on the ecosystem. In turn, they are expanding the utility base of the token while integrating holders as crucial members of the project. 

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