StrongNode Edge Opens Gates for Early Access Registration: Interview with Daniel Saito, CEO of SNE

StrongNode Edge

Two years since the most sweeping catastrophe of our time – the coronavirus crisis – has recorded its first flare-up,  it’s time to take a step back and draw a sober outcome of results. The economic damage resulting from the spread of the previously unknown Wuhan virus spelt over across the world and should be esteemed on a global scale: the reduction of global GDP amounts to 6.7% of the growth that could otherwise be, may the virus not appear at all. The burden that fell on the shoulders of small- and middle-size businesses was particularly hard – just a short time ago, the threat of a quarter of small businesses permanently disappearing from the map was real. And, in spite of the government’s effort to restore the economic balance, the subsidies were scarcely enough to cover up for the losses of all victims in this ferocious crisis. 

That is why alternative solutions had to take over the stage. Among them, StrongNode Edge (SNE) assumed a particular role: as an advocate of cutting-edge solutions such as blockchain and edge computing, this project emerged in response to the distress call from all those who cannot recover from the global economic collapse on their own. Powered by the Edge Network, the solution brings the most-needed touch of interoperability, efficiency, scalability and rewards on payments –  the qualities essential for the modern enterprise to thrive in the business world. Presently, StrongNode Edge works on a product that would enable connectivity to the Edge Network through any SMART device, as well as leverage the unused compute resources (CPU, GPU and RAM) to fuel the network while rewarding validators with SNE tokens. Starting from April 20, 2022, StrongNode Edge opens the door for early access registration, enabling to secure a spot among 1000 users to get primary admittance to The Edge upon official launch.  

Being intrigued by the scale of the forthcoming changes, we approached the CEO of StrongNode Edge for an interview. 

How did you come up with the idea of StrongNode Edge? In broader terms, how do you see SNE reinventing the industry – and particularly that of DeFi?

DeFi is about providing financial opportunities to the masses, in a transparent and permissible way. StrongNode Edge will be a core element of that, effectively providing everyday people, no matter where they reside, with the ability to monetize their unused digital devices. 

The idea to create an Edge Network of the world’s IoT devices isn’t a new concept. It’s been around for years, and there has been some great progress on it. However, for me the element that was lacking was creating a business model that allowed both those providing the power for the network, and those using it, to mutually benefit. This is where the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency has provided a unique opportunity.

How do you envisage the ways in which StrongNode Edge will lead people out of the economic stagnation brought by the pandemic?

All over the world, people own digital devices. Some are more powerful than others. But even in the world’s developing countries, where people may not own a home, they will often own a smartphone. Imagine a situation where a person who is living in a desperate financial situation is able to earn a living from that device. That’s a powerful image, and could well be the future with StrongNode Edge.

What makes StrongNode Edge unlike any proposition in the space – and worth investing in?

As far as I know, no other project in this space is building an edge network like ours. There are a lot of ‘node projects’, but they aren’t really nodes. You are buying a smart contract that pays out rewards so long as there are enough people buying new nodes, that’s ponzinomics at its finest, and has nothing to do with nodes really. It’s a marketing tool.

I’m aware that StrongNode Edge acts as a promoter of the “Network Effect”. Could you boil this concept down?

Sure, the network effect or Metcalfe’s law, simply states that as more and more users join the network, the value of the network grows. This is how The Edge will operate. With every new user we onboard, the potential power The Edge, and our customers have access to, is greater and greater, and therefore worth more. As the more compute resources we have, the more we can sell. 

What are some of the most essential features of the Edge Network that give it an edge over competitive propositions?

The key to The Edge is the fact that the nodes that feed power into the network, and then on to the user (the customer), are geographically located as close as possible to the customer. This ensures for a low-latency, lower cost for transition of resources, and consumes less power, making the whole process more efficient and greener,

Keeping in mind the next crucial date for StrongNode Edge – April 20th, – what are the main highlights users can expect from securing early access on the platform?

Securing early access will be key if you are interested in trying out this technology. Who’s devices get utilized and start to earn will be decided by the requirements of the network, but we are also working on a way to reward our earliest adopters. Those who got into the SNE token early have had some fun time with speculation, and we have staking opportunities too, which allow those early supporters to earn more tokens, but we are also thinking of something NFT based on our first node seeders too. Watch this space.

Ethereum has been chosen as an important development ground for SNE. Why?

Simply, Ethereum is the most used and most valuable blockchain in existence. It makes a lot of sense for every project to have a presence there if they can. We’ve always had our eye on having a presence on Ethereum to reach out to the huge user base and raise awareness for the project with new users. We are looking forward to bringing SNE token over there soon.

I’m aware that StrongNode Edge is currently working on a number of upcoming product releases. What are those in more detail – and when do they expect to see the light?

Well, I can’t say too much about what products we have planned, but what I can say is that dVPN is the first and will likely be going live in Q2 of this year. dVPN is a decentralized VPN service that will prove the node seeding concept, allowing node seeders to become an endpoint and earn SNE tokens in the meantime. Meanwhile, users can use the dVPN and will pay to do so in SNE tokens too.

What are some other upcoming dates the community should store in mind?

No date yet, but I would say keep up with our Twitter and Telegram channels. We announce things there first, and soon we will be making some announcements pertaining to a new CEX listing for the token and of course, our arrival on Ethereum. 

In conclusion, what waits for StrongNode Edge on the road ahead?

Disruption, opportunity, and endless possibilities. 

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