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At the Doorstep of the New Economy Type with StrongNode Edge, Edge Computing Startup: Interview with CEO Daniel Saito

StrongNode Edge

The last few years marked the apogee in the promulgation of the shared economy concept across all spheres of human activity. Being fundamentally rooted in a shared mode of access to goods (as vividly exemplified by peer-to-peer (P2P) services), it got widespread adoption with the gradual integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) as an element of the broader Industry 4.0 paradigm. Shared economy could hardly escape being mentioned in relation to decentralized finance framework, the space where blockchain technology plays a pivotal role: characterized by the absence of a centralized intermediary, this P2P network facilitates the interaction between two (or more) parties whose activity gets constantly verified by the network of participating nodes. Owing to its decentralized nature, blockchain stood as a central element within the planned transition to the Web3 model: the one aiming to put down the monopoly over internet space created by centralized enterprises. In attaining this, StrongNode Edge, an Edge Computing startup, emerged as a crucial building block preparing a way for this transformation. 

By administering an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) protocol, StrongNode Edge focuses on the creation of a leading-edge ecosystem of cloud computing services grounded in device interconnectivity. The ultimate goal of StrongNode Edge is to nourish a symbiotic relationship between Edge Customers, Edge Innovators and Edge Seeders, eventually fostering the benefits of the so-called “network effect”: the attainment of balance in power distribution between the participatory nodes, without undermining the workflow. The ecosystem created by StrongNode Edge facilitated by the network effect serves as a solid premise for further metamorphosis into a full-scale node economy that is about to take ground in the near future. As the primary step in this direction, StrongNode Edge will soon launch its debuting product – dVPN, a decentralized version of Virtual Private Network (VPN) powered by an enterprise’s native asset, SNE token. Lately getting approved for listing and DeFi on MEXC, the centralized exchange, StrongNode Edge celebrates its first major milestone on the path of expanding the shared economy model within the space of decentralized data management. 

Nurturing interest in the progress the company can bring to the industry, we invited the CEO of StrongNode Edge, Daniel Saito, for a conversation.

What is the vision underlying StrongNode Edge enterprise?

Our goal is to create an alternative to the centralized and inefficient mesh of server warehouses and Web 2.0, dominated by the likes of AWS, and build an ecosystem on The Edge that is truly symbiotic, efficient and environmentally friendly.

In which way does StrongNode Edge participate in creating the new economies?

StrongNode Edge is creating a new economy allowing people to sell their idle resources, and businesses in need, to buy them – and it all happens in an automated and decentralized manner, powered by The Edge and blockchain technology. 

For us a core pillar of Web 3 development is decentralization. Building out ecosystems that are symbiotic by nature, providing utility and reward to both the user and the supplier in equal measure. This is possible with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and we are excited to be at the forefront of pushing the Web 3 message forward for the Edge Computing space. 

Who are the major partners who made a crucial input into the creation of StrongNode Edge solution?

We have an incredible team at StrongNode Edge, including one of the Founders of Maria DB, Colin Charles, our CTO, and our Chief Product Officer Gil Bashan, of Adobe fame. In the blockchain space, we have had great support from Polygon Network, and expert input from our advisors such as Craig Sellars, cofounder of Tether.

How does StrongNode Edge take part in the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Edge, which is the infrastructure we are building out at StrongNode will essentially be a data superhighway for the IoT ecosystem. Allowing IoT devices to plugin, provide their idle resources in return for a passive income, and then redirect those resources to industry in need, that will in turn pay for those resources with a combination of FIAT currency and SNE tokens.

What are the peculiarities of Edge Network architecture?

Edge Network architecture is fun! There are certainly some elements that need to be mitigated such as intermittent connectivity, site network outages (flappy nodes), how do we handle data capture/ingress/egress during such outages, fleet management, i.e. we are not running the hardware nor the base configuration

Please tell me more about the Network Effect. In which specific ways does it get actualized?

We have to seed to create a network effect. so, we are building a different kind of vpn, a distributed vpn. this is to seed users to get used to them contributing idle resources to the network. once this happens, we can instead of just using networking banwidth, focus on using cpu/memory/etc.

Could you break down the tokenomics of the SNE asset?

At the moment, the SNE token can be used on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, for DeFi staking and other various blockchain specific applications. With the introduction of dVPN, SNE will have its first use case as both a reward token and a payment token at the heart of the StrongNode Edge ecosystem. As we continue to build out the suite of StrongNode Edge Web 3 applications, there will be more and more utility for the SNE token.

What are the crucial details of the upcoming MEXC exchange listing of SNE?

It’s a bit of a milestone for us at StrongNode Edge. I know that these things can be quite important to people in the cryptocurrency community. We have been busy building out the core product at StrongNode, and wanted to make sure we had our first product release on the horizon before we attracted a lot of interest and awareness to StrongNode via CEX listings and the like. We can safely say that we are there, and have lined up no less than six CEX listings to take place over the next two months. Kicking off with our good friends at MEXC.

dVPN was the one in the long thread of cloud computing solutions by StrongNode Edge. Any sneak-peek into the upcoming ones?

Yes, you are right that dVPN is the first in a long line, but we cannot share anymore beyond what you already know about the core StrongNode Edge product. What we can say is that there are multiple Edge Networking and blockchain specific tools in the works that operate in the regions of allowing tokens to be blockchain agnostic, and creating a decentralized and widely avialable KYC ID service.

Finally, what is the roadmap plan of StrongNode Edge?

Our roadmap can be viewed on the website, but understandably it is a little vague right now, not only to protect IP, but also as we are a company run by engineers, and engineers hate to give timelines! What I can say is that our immediate focus continues to be on building our core product, as well as supporting other projects in the StrongNode Edge ecosystem that will utilise the network and build The Edge network effect, such as Original Gamer Life – a gaming community and metaverse platform being built on The Edge and launching in Q2 of this year. dVPN and StrongNode ID are the most immediate developments to arrive and we can’t wait to share them with the world!

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