Does Betterhelp Take Insurance?

Betterhelp is one of the biggest providers of mental health services online. Their unique model has allowed people to seek therapy when they otherwise would be unable to pursue it. Many people have benefitted from mental health treatment at Betterhelp, and we do not doubt that many more people will do the same.

Of course, even as affordable as the mental health services are from Betterhelp, their pricing can be slightly out of budget for some people. This is why many people will ask whether their health insurance will cover mental health services at Betterhelp. Let’s explain.

Does Insurance Cover Mental Health Services at Betterhelp?

Sadly, no. While your health insurance provider may offer therapy services that are covered by health insurance, Betterhelp will not accept the policy. They operate purely on a subscription model.

If you want to use their system to deal with a mental health condition, you will have to pay for that service upfront.

That being said, if you need mental health support and your insurance policy covers mental health services, you may be able to reach out to your insurance company. In rare cases, there is a chance that they will be able to reimburse you for the costs of working with Betterhelp.

However, we cannot stress how rare this is. In most cases, the only place to accept health insurance plans from your policy provider will be in-network healthcare professionals.


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Why Does Betterhelp Not Accept Insurance Policies For Their Mental Health Coverage?

As we said, Betterhelp does not accept health insurance policies. While they explicitly state why they will not accept a health insurance plan to cover their service, it is pretty easy to work out why they may want to avoid it.

What we are discussing here is not information that has come from Betterhelp. Other than saying that they do not accept insurance for their mental health services, there is no other information. However, our experience with how companies and insurance policies work has resulted in this situation.

It Is a Hassle To Deal With Health Insurance Policies

If you have ever had to claim your health insurance plan, then it is highly likely that you will know just how difficult the process is.

It may be as simple as filling in a couple of forms, but they can take ages to process. Your health insurance provider may decide to dispute some of the costs, things may not go smoothly, etc.

None of this is ideal for dealing with if you are dealing with issues with your mental health.

What the company offering mental health treatment will deal with will be facing something a whole lot tougher than this.

Insurance companies don’t like to spend money and are constantly trying to ‘haggle’ with companies offering mental health benefits to their patients.

This means that if Betterhelp started to allow insurance companies as a way to pay for their services, then they would need to hire teams of people to deal with hundreds of different insurance companies. This would push the price up, making it exceedingly difficult to offer therapy.

Remember, an insurance company wants you to have as few treatments as possible. The more treatments you have, the more expensive their services will get. So, they are not massive fans of Betterhelp at all.

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They Aim To Keep Their Therapy Cheap For You

Dealing with health insurance companies is likely to be incredibly expensive for Betterhelp.

As we said, Betterhelp would need to hire a huge staff team to deal with the insurance companies.

Every cent they spend on dealing with insurance companies and trying to get them to pay is a cent they cannot spend on ensuring their clients get the best mental health treatment possible.

You must remember that online mental health centers, like Betterhelp, are there to make getting therapy with a healthcare professional as cheap as possible.

With Betterhelp, you would be spending the same amount per month on their services as you would for a single session with a mental health professional elsewhere.

There are a lot of people that rely on this online mental health center, and that is because Betterhelp has worked incredibly hard to keep those prices low for their customers.

They Have Alternative Options For Those That Are Struggling Financially

While their services may not be covered by health insurance, we can assure you that Betterhelp still wants those that may otherwise struggle to afford their services to receive therapy.

Betterhelp is a business. They want to make money. However, this company started because it wants to ensure that patients receive affordable mental health care.

We will discuss this in a bit more depth shortly. However, if you are struggling with your finances (e.g. unemployed or on long-term disability), then Betterhelp does have financial support options that you can take advantage of. They want to help you out.

Please take advantage of the alternative options that Betterhelp offers their patients. You will often find that they will likely be much cheaper than the copays and deductibles that your health insurance company wants to pay.

Most Health Insurance Providers Don’t Want You To Use Betterhelp For Mental Health Conditions

You probably know this already, but many health insurance plans will require that you use specific mental health centers to receive treatment. If you don’t, then they won’t cover the fees.

Betterhelp has not allied with any insurance company anywhere. There isn’t a single health insurance company in the US that will tell you to go and talk to Betterhelp. They will send you to one of their therapists instead.

If you tried to tell your insurance company that you want to use Betterhelp, they would likely turn you away.

What Are The Alternatives If You Have Mental Health Conditions?

Alright. So you know that you need mental health services, but you don’t believe Betterhelp will accept the policy. What can you do?

Talk To Your Insurance Provider

This will be a long shot, but you can always talk to your insurance company.

While it is rare, we have seen some insurance providers, usually the smaller ones, that would be happy to reimburse you the cost for your mental health services.

Remember, insurance companies in the US are legally obligated to offer mental health coverage on their plans. They are not allowed to discriminate.

Of course, these companies want to ensure that your mental health treatment is as cheap as possible, and Betterhelp is the best option here.

They will not talk to Betterhelp for you, nor will Betterhelp talk to them if asked. You will have to pay for your services upfront, and then your insurance provider will reimburse you. Yes, it is a long-winded process, but it may work.

Use a Community Mental Health Center

Moving away from Betterhelp here, if you are really struggling, you may find community mental health centers in your area.

As the name suggests, these places are designed to provide mental health treatment for those in the local area.

Their prices are very affordable or often free.

While it may not be the best option if you need emergency mental health treatment or treatment for the long term, many people have received a great deal of assistance in their local community.

Use Betterhelp Anyway

If you have an insurance policy, then you will always need to pay some cash upfront before the insurance company covers your services. Well, at least with most procedures.

A lot of the time, you will find that the cash you pay upfront will be much more expensive than using Betterhelp.

Therefore, you could always consider using Betterhelp anyway. It will be cheaper, even if you are paying for 100% of the costs.

Take Advantage Of Betterhelp Mental Health Financial Aid

Many people are turned away from using a licensed mental health professional at Betterhelp because the costs are too high.

Yes. We understand that hiring a professional with Betterhelp will still be much cheaper than using other companies. However, even that may be out of the reach of some people.

This is why Betterhelp can offer financial aid to some of its patients. By reaching out to Betterhelp, they can provide you with a form to ascertain how much you can afford for their services.

People have received huge discounts from Betterhelp on their services, and you may be able to do so too. This is assuming that you qualify for their financial aid.


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How To Receive Financial Aid On Mental Health Services From Betterhelp

By now, you will understand that Betterhelp does not accept insurance and the reasons for doing so. If you insist on using an insurance policy, you can qualify for other mental health services.

If you insist on using Betterhelp, it may be worth reaching out to them to see if you can receive financial aid.

Who Qualifies For Financial Aid With Betterhelp?

Because Betterhelp tends to prefer people pay full price for their services (which are already pretty cheap), they are not massive fans of people applying for financial aid. They don’t want to deal with a lot of applications that will get denied, after all.

This means little information about who may qualify for financial aid.

That being said, people who are currently unemployed, or receiving disability benefits, maybe in the best position to receive financial aid.

How Do You Get Financial Aid With Betterhelp?

You reach out to their customer support team. You will need to explain a little bit about your situation.

You will then be asked to fill in a short form. You may have to share some personal financial details here. However, the company needs the information to determine whether you qualify for financial aid.

Once you have sent the form back, you will need to wait for their decision. It may take a few days.

What Happens If Betterhelp Accepts Your Financial Aid Application?

If your financial aid application is accepted, then the discount will be applied to your account.

Depending on why you initially qualified for financial aid from Betterhelp, they may need to check that you still qualify for their services regularly.

You will be informed if you need to be checked in the future.

Remember, any financial aid given by Betterhelp will be a discount. You will not receive their service for free.

What Happens If Betterhelp Denies Your Financial Aid Application?

You won’t be blocked from signing up for Betterhelp.

While you will not be able to receive the financial aid discount on their services, you will still be able to take advantage of them.

Remember, if your application is denied, it does mean that Betterhelp has determined that you have enough financial resources available to cover their services. If you don’t, you may try to give them more information, but chances are that this won’t fly with them.

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Conclusion – Does Betterhelp Take Health Insurance?

Sadly, Betterhelp does not take insurance, and it is unlikely they will ever take insurance. This helps to keep their prices as low as possible.

You can always talk to your insurance policy provider to see if they can reimburse you for any costs, but this is rare.

If you can’t afford Betterhelp services, your best bet is to talk to Betterhelp about receiving financial aid. This will offer you a discount on the service and tends to be open to the unemployed or receiving certain benefits.



What is Betterhelp?

Betterhelp is an online mental health service that offers counseling and therapy services.

What type of mental health services does Betterhelp offer?

Betterhelp offers counseling and therapy services for various mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

Does Betterhelp take insurance?

No, Betterhelp does not take insurance. However, you may be able to receive financial aid from Betterhelp if you cannot afford their services.

How much does Betterhelp cost?

Betterhelp costs $60-$90 per week, depending on your chosen service. You can also receive a discount if you receive financial aid from Betterhelp.

What alternatives are there to Betterhelp?

If you are looking for alternative mental health services to Betterhelp, a few options are available.

Talkspace: Talkspace is an online mental health service that offers counseling and therapy services.

Therachat: Therachat is an online mental health service that offers counseling and therapy services.

myTherapist: myTherapist is an online mental health service that offers counseling and therapy services.

Affiliate Disclosure: we may receive compensation from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page.


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