Damon Motors Collaborates with Molicel and NXP Semiconductors to Bring High Performance Motorcycles to Market.

Damon Motors Inc

In a bold move that promises to rewrite the electric motorcycle rulebook, Damon Motors Inc has partnered with battery tech leader Molicel and semiconductor giant NXP Semiconductors. This strategic alliance aims to deliver high-performance electric motorcycles that push the boundaries of range, power, and safety. By combining Molicel’s innovative batteries with NXP’s advanced electronics, Damon is poised to set a new standard for the industry, one thrilling ride at a time. So, brace yourself – the future of urban mobility is about to hit the road with a jolt. 

Powering Up Performance with Molicel

Let’s begin with the collaboration between Damon Motors and Molicel, who have teamed up with a focus on Molicel’s top-tier battery technology. These batteries stand out with their high capacity and power, making them an ideal match for Damon’s cutting-edge exoskeleton design. In fact, this partnership is set to boost the motorcycles’ range, lead to faster acceleration, and cut down on charging times. Thus moving Damon Motors ahead of many competitors in the market.

Yet, the collaboration goes beyond just using Molicel’s batteries. Engineers from both companies have been working closely to ensure these motorcycles are always equipped with the newest battery tech. 

During one of its recent test events, Damon puts its new Molicel-equipped HyperSport motorcycle to the test against a state-of-the-art 2023 model 1000cc superbike with promising results. 

Damon Motors Inc

Graph 1 shows similar acceleration speed between the HyperSport and reference bike on the Thunderhill straightaway. 

Graph 2 shows the HyperSport’s smooth acceleration performance compared to the reference bike’s deceleration associated with shifting and non-linear power delivery of an ICE engine at various rpm’s.

Pushing Performance to New Limits

So, how does the motorcycle compare to other high-performance bikes in terms of performance? Well, it’s safe to say that Damon Motors didn’t just rely on theory. They took the Molicel-equipped HyperSport motorcycle out for a real test on the challenging tracks of Thunderhill Raceway in California. 

Here, the HyperSport went toe-to-toe with a top 2023 1000cc superbike. Despite the HyperSport not having rider aids enabled, it held its own in this high-speed challenge. Let’s take a look at the results: 

  • Neck-and-Neck Speeds: The HyperSport and its competitor reached nearly identical top speeds of 168 mph and 169 mph before the first corner. This performance showcases the power of Damon’s 6-phase 150 kW dual-cooled IPM motor-gearbox, which delivers a steady flow of 200 hp and up to 230 nm torque, all the way up to 18,000 rpm.
  • Smooth Power Delivery: Unlike traditional combustion engines, the HyperSport’s drivetrain, powered by Molicel, offers a much smoother throttle response. This means better control for the rider, enabling faster exits from corners and later braking.
  • Precision and Agility: The HyperSport benefits from a compact design that includes liquid cooling, a single-sided electric connection, and a 500V architecture. This design not only saves space and weight but also improves handling. It allows for precise control, making every rider input count, even without traction control during the test.

As you can see, these test results are promising, showing how Molicel-powered Damon motorcycles could change the game in motorcycle performance. This holds particularly true when considering the comprehensive range of rider aids that were not activated in the previous test.

NXP Semiconductors: Adding Intelligence to Strength

While power is critical, it’s not the whole story. This is where NXP Semiconductors comes in, adding a layer of intelligence to Molicel’s power. Using this partnership, Damon Motors has integrated NXP’s sophisticated automotive processing technologies into their motorcycles’ electronic control units and systems. This integration enhances performance and ensures reliability while meeting high industry safety standards.

Damon Motors Inc

And perhaps the best part is that NXP brings a wealth of expertise in system designs and applications, which is crucial for Damon. This support helps speed up the development process, making these advanced motorcycles a reality for riders sooner.

Damon’s Vision for Safer, Smarter Motorcycling

Still, at Damon Motors, the pursuit of speed is just the beginning. Their vision is to revolutionize motorcycling for the future, integrating features that take rider experience to the next level. Central to this vision are two innovative technologies: CoPilot and Shift™.

CoPilot is an advanced 360° warning system that enhances rider safety by providing real-time alerts about the surrounding environment. Shift™, on the other hand, is an adaptable ergonomics system that customizes the motorcycle to fit various rider styles and preferences. These features, powered by NXP Semiconductors’ technology, transform Damon’s motorcycles into vehicles that are not only quick but also intelligent and safe.

In a recent interview, Jay Giraud, CEO of Damon Motors, highlighted the progressive nature of their motorcycles. “The more a rider uses a Damon motorcycle, the smarter and safer it becomes,” Giraud said. This advancement is a direct result of their partnership with NXP Semiconductors. By facilitating secure over-the-air updates, NXP’s technology allows Damon motorcycles to continually enhance their capabilities and safety features, evolving to meet new challenges and adapting to individual rider needs.

Who is Damon Motors?

Damon Motors is at the forefront of transforming how we think about motorcycles and urban mobility. This dynamic company, led by seasoned professionals from the world’s top automotive and tech industries, is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with additional offices in San Rafael, California. Damon’s mission is clear: to bring about a major shift towards safer, smarter motorcycling.

At the core of Damon’s success is its proprietary electric powertrain, HyperDrive, which has made waves in the motorcycling world. As we’ve discussed, their motorcycles, capable of hitting top speeds of 200 mph, aren’t just fast; they’re also packed with innovative features. To learn more about how Damon Motors is shaping the future of motorcycling, you can visit their website or follow them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Looking Ahead: Damon Motors’ Vision for Tomorrow

Damon Motors is poised to redefine the electric motorcycle landscape. With a robust financial foundation of over $70 million in funding, they are set to broaden their technological horizons and scale up production. This investment lays the groundwork for Damon’s ambitious goal to revolutionize the motorcycle industry.

In the coming years, Damon Motors plans to focus on enhancing the safety, intelligence, and environmental sustainability of their motorcycles. They aim to lead the charge in integrating advanced technologies like their proprietary CoPilot system and adaptive ergonomics into everyday urban mobility. With these initiatives, Damon is not just advancing electric motorcycle technology; they are striving to transform how we navigate city streets. The future looks promising for Damon Motors as they continue to push the boundaries and set new benchmarks in the world of motorcycling.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Damon Motors is on an impressive path, reshaping high-performance motorcycling through its partnerships with Molicel and NXP Semiconductors. Yet, as we’ve learned, these collaborations are not just about power; they’re about smarter, safer riding experiences. 

With their advanced technology and strong financial backing, Damon is not only pushing the limits of speed but also prioritizing rider safety and environmental sustainability. So, keep an eye on this company – they’re driving forward with innovation that promises to redefine the entire industry.

For more information on how Damon technology is defining the new industry standard, please visit and follow the Company on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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