The Future of Motorcycling: Interview with Jay Giraud CEO of Damon Motors.


Electric bikes are the future of motorcycling, see what the CEO of Damon motorcycles has in stock for this new trend of motorcycles in this exclusive interview with Techbullion

Please tell us your name and a little more about yourself?

My name is Jay Giraud, I’m the co-founder & CEO of Damon Motors. I came up with the idea of Damon while in Indonesia, where there is a vast dependence on two-wheeled vehicles compared to North America. I had a vision that I could rival existing gas-driven motorcycle options that ultimately offer no safety features. I later teamed up with co-founder Dom Kwong to transform two-wheel transportation and specifically aim to prevent accidents on the road. 

Could you tell us more about Damon Motorcycles and your vision for the company?

Damon Motors has created the world’s smartest, safest, most powerful, fully connected electric motorcycles. We’ve infused data-driven thinking into the company, employing radical innovations in sensor fusion, robotics and AI. This level of deep learning and connectivity are unprecedented, ensuring each rider a smarter, safer and connected ride; not only for individuals, but for entire communities, with the goal to reduce incidents worldwide.


What makes Damon stand out in the motorcycle industry, why should everyone use Damon Motorcycles?

Damon Motors employs cutting-edge technology to set a new standard in motorcycle awareness and safety. All motorcycles are outfitted with exclusive, unprecedented features including:

  • Copilot™ –  Powered by Blackberry QNX technology that uses radar, cameras and non-visual sensors to track the speed, direction and velocity of up to 64 moving objects around the motorcycle for unparalleled situational awareness.
  • Shift™ – Damon’s patented rider ergonomics that lets riders electronically adjust the HyperSport’s riding position between sport and commuter modes while in motion with the push of a button.

On motorcycle safety and disruptive technology, where do we currently stand and what is the future of motorcycling?

Worldwide, motorcycling is the largest form of mobility and a global health crisis. 1.5 billion people commute on motorcycles every day. Serious motorcycle injuries are 27 times and deaths 5 times more common than cars. In some countries, related injuries account for 3% of their GDP. In the United States alone, approximately 90,000 motorcyclists are injured with more than 5,000 killed each year. Meanwhile, little has been done to advance motorcycle safety since the introduction of antilock brakes in 1988.

As motorcyclists face hazards at every turn, it is impossible to see all of them. That’s where our CoPilot™ 360˚Advanced Warning System comes in. CoPilot intuitively knows what’s around you at all times by tracking and warning riders of danger through haptic feedback on the handlebars, integrated LEDs on the windshield, and an always-on 1080p rearview camera. CoPilot enables new levels of motorcycle safety so that riders can spend more time focusing on enjoying the ride. The CoPilot warning system has shown 100% effectiveness in increasing situational awareness and reducing the probability of a forward, side or rearward collision with over 100 motorcyclists in real-world road conditions.

The auto industry is witnessing a revolution with electric cars spearheading the change? Do you see the motorcycle industry taking the same path?

We believe the future of transportation resides in motorcycles. There are more than 160 million two-wheeled vehicles sold each year in the world. That’s twice the number of cars. There is also a growing demand for electric transportation options to reduce emissions and oil dependency. Traditional gas motorcycles are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gasses. Damon is fulfilling this need with an electric motorcycle offering that is smarter, safer and connected, with zero tailpipe emissions.

Please explain HyperDrive to us in simple terms and why it is important to Damon Motorcycles?

HyperDrive is the world’s first 100% electric, multi-variant powertrain platform optimized for maximum performance, design and safety. It is engineered to act as a structural component of the motorcycle itself. The battery enclosures not only optimize weight distribution for high speed stability and handling, but also act as the motorcycle’s load-bearing frame, saving both weight and cost, and further reducing bulk. As a platform for future Damon motorcycles, HyperDrive is a monocoque-constructed, high-voltage powertrain that a wide range of models and sub-models can be built upon.

Could you tell us more about the HyperSport series, how does it work and what do we expect?

The Damon HyperSport is the world’s safest, smartest and most fully connected electric motorcycle. The superbike boasts well over 200hp and 200nm of torque delivered at zero rpm, a top speed of 200 mph, a range of more than 200 highway miles per charge. Designed for daily riders and thrill seekers alike, the Damon HyperSport offers unparalleled, safety, comfort, and performance from an electric motorcycle. 

You have a roadmap of achieving full collision avoidance by 2030, please tell us more about this?

On the software side, with data collected from every Damon motorcycle on the road, we can develop and send updates wirelessly to the growing fleet of Damon bikes so that every mile ridden contributes to ever-increasing safety for the whole. On the hardware side, we have designs for forms of motorcycles that have the capability of collision avoidance (automated braking and steering in critical moments). When these two development paths meet, we will achieve new levels of safety for millions of motorists around the world.

Would you like to share any investment, partnership or career opportunities from the Damon team? 

Damon continues to grow and expand our team, board, partners, and investors as we near the deployment of the first HyperSports on the road.

What else do you think our readers need to know about Damon?

Damon has emerged as the leader in a new era of motorcycling that addresses social issues like climate change, safety and security. In addition to producing 100% electric personal mobility vehicles with unprecedented safety features, the HyperSport will support Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) backup capability, doubling the motorcycle’s use as an energy storage backup and home generator.

If you want to see the HyperSport in action, check out this video.

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