Convertible Heels that Fold to Flat Shoes: Interview with Alanna Fusaro, founder of VICE VERSA


A women’s fashion startup, Vice VERSA creates the luxury footwear we always wished was available: one where fashion and function no longer conflict with each other. One of our flagship products, a high heel that folds into a flat shoe in seconds, is our flagship.

Where did you get the idea to create VICE VERSA heels?

Convertible heels that can turn into flat shoes are an idea that I have had for years but have always put on the back burner. I couldn’t figure out how to make them fold safely and make them look cute both at the same time.

When I lived in New York, I began to feel the pain in my feet much more often and found myself rushing home as often as possible because I was in pain; I found myself daydreaming about what would be great if I could wear heels that fold into flats when I went out. It was through the development of this product that I saw an opportunity to build the footwear brand I have always wanted to exist. The brand is a source of inspiration as well as a source of functionality and a source of accessibility.

What is so unique about the design of your high heels?

Over the past several years, there have been many attempts into creating the elusive convertible heels – yet nothing mainstream has come from it.  Having done a lot of research into high heels like these, I realized that they need three things in order to function properly:

  1. Industrial Design Excellence: Every woman would probably prefer a pair of flats as opposed to a pair of sneakers if this product goes to a kitschy or clunky space.
  2.  Mechanical Engineering: We iterated many times before we reached a heel that wasn’t wiggly, compact, and safe!
  3. As a fashion company, this is a brand. Brand identity and women’s shoe styles executed well are essentials. 

The best thing is that VICE VERSA heels uniquely combine all 3 of these together!

What’s coming up next for VICE VERSA Heels?

Right now, we at VICE VERSA are super focused on making our convertible high heels perfect. All pf our research and development efforts are put into continued iterations and improvements based on customer feedback we get from users wearing our heels. Currently, we have lots of additional colors in the works to add to our best-selling Scrunchie Mule & Shimmer Heels collections, along with some other design types too.

Every day, we strive to constantly improve all of our digital products too – including our website, blog content, social media, and more. Also, fulfilling on the eager demand by customers who want to be wearing our comfortable heels for weddings too, which has consistently been our biggest request of the convertible heels we sell. From standing all day to dancing all night, we offer the best shoe solution for wedding heels unlike any other brand.

What did you do before VICE VERSA?

Before founding VICE VERSA, I studied industrial design at Carnegie Mellon – where I mainly focused my time on the intersection of fashion and engineering. I also spent time living abroad in Florence, Italy – learning the craft of shoemaking under a Gucci shoe designer. I then started my career working at Macy’s as a jewelry designer. Here I gained experience in the retail and production industry. And right before I founded VICE VERSA, I was working at Bath & Body Works creating 3D products.

What do you feel is so unique about VICE VERSA?

The line between engineering and fashion is very fine for VICE VERSA. The process of looking for new products and technologies includes trips to factories all over the world, modeling in CAD software, 3D printing, and mechanical quality testing with Boeing engineers. There is so much math & science that goes into designing our luxury heel collections. It’s not just about the design looks, but functionality, durability, and long-lasting comfort!

Who or What was the inspiration behind the VICE VERSA brand?

Well, for the brand, I guess it’s the self-awareness of the surprise & delight that comes after seeing a high-heel fold into a flat shoe in seconds. Moreover, VICE VERSA conveys a strong sense of mystery and femininity, but it also embodies a playful and whimsical spirit. With an old meets new approach, VICE VERSA’s product design DNA is at the core of its design DNA – a playful mix of the retro elegance of Hollywood, Georgia O’Keeffe’s feminine style, and modern technology.

VICE VERSA’s design process is to conceptualize as many ideas as possible. These ideas are then narrowed down to a select few which will be produced. Items designed to last and remain in your closet for a lifetime.

Where Can People Find & Buy Your Heels?

Currently, VICE VERSA’s convertible heels are available to buy online exclusively at

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