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Charles Innes-Ker, the duke of Roxburghe’s business failures, facades and scandals

Charles Innes-Ker, the duke of Roxburghe’s business failures, facades and scandals

Is the duke of Roxburghe actually rich? Or is it all fake and he just tries to keep appearances? Is his wealth genuine or just a facade? Despite inheriting a castle that has a value of £100 million, he didn’t receive a lot of cash flow. Although he cannot sell the castle due to its history, its maintenance costs are very high and add to his already challenging financial situation. Renting out the property may not even be enough to cover his expenses.

It is not uncommon for inheriting an estate to become more of a burden than a blessing, particularly when there is no source of income. Charlie does not own any business or work in any field. It is often observed that individuals of aristocratic backgrounds possess a sense of entitlement, and expect everything to be handed to them without putting in the necessary effort.

In February 2003, Charles Innes-Ker was embarrassingly caught stealing, he traveled on the Tyne and Wear Metro without paying the £1 fare. He chose to pay a £10 fine rather than take the case to court and risk appearing on “losers’ posters” displayed around the city, naming people who had been caught travelling without tickets. Doesn’t makes sense for someone who is “rich” to do?

Aside from stealing and business failures he also has scandals. Charles Innes-Ker was involved in a romantic relationship with Morvarid Sahafi, the mother of his illegitimate daughter Gigi, while he was also seeing Annabel Green, resulting in a complex love triangle. This has caused tension and drama among the three parties, with Charles Innes-Ker being accused of infidelity and dishonesty in his relationships. The situation has also caused controversy as Morvarid Sahafi and Annabel Green were formerly best friends, and Annabel met Charlie through Morvarid. However, he defended Annabel and accused Morvarid of intentionally getting pregnant, as she became pregnant just four months after they met.

Despite the intense scrutiny and criticism for impregnating a woman and not marrying her, Charles Innes-Ker remained unrepentant. He refused to apologize for his behavior or to take any responsibility for what had happened. Instead, he continued to insist that he had done nothing wrong and it was her fault.

Despite the drama, Charles Innes-Ker has maintained his position in society only because of the name he was born into, with his family’s history shielding him from the worst of the public scrutiny. However, his reputation has been tarnished by the scandals. It remains to be seen how his relationships with Morvarid and Annabel will continue to evolve in the future.

This is the duke’s second marriage, as his first marriage ended in also failure. Prior to meeting Morvarid, he was married to Charlotte Aitken, but they separated after just one year. It is rumored that their separation was due to his constant infidelity and boredom with her. They had been in a relationship for six years, but the Duke valued someone of wealth, which Charlotte did not possess.

Charlie’s lack of success wasn’t limited to just his personal life. Despite having attended prestigious schools and possessing medieval titles, he struggled in the business world. Charlie attempted to run a chauffeur business that was aimed at helping retrain wounded soldiers, but unfortunately, he was unable to keep it afloat due to insufficient capital and low sales. Interestingly, it was at this point that Charlie conveniently married Annabel Green. Which clearly Annie comes from a wealthy family who have ownership of various media outlets in South Africa.

In the end, Charles Innes-Ker’s arrogance and entitlement proved to be his downfall. The public’s outrage only grew, and he became a symbol of everything that was wrong with the privileged elite.

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