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Causes and Cures of a Clogged Drain with Grease and How to Prevent It


Grease is the greatest enemy of our plumbing system. It is advised that all the things containing grease should be avoided pouring down the drains. It can cause major plumbing issues but these issues are very common.

Grease has the ability to accumulate and build residue inside the pipes. This residue blocks the passage of water and disturbs the flow of water in pipes. This blockage causes smell and mess everywhere. Grease is said to be the most awful issue among all the clogged drain issues. This issue is also very difficult to deal with and resolve.

Some people are aware of the fact that grease from cooked leftovers can cause great damage to the drains and therefore, should never be poured down the drains. However, there are still many people who do this practice more often. They do not know that even tiny particles from your food can build up a huge build-up of grease inside the drain resulting in a smelly, messy, and clogged drain.

Where Does the Grease Come From? 

There are many products that contain grease as a byproduct. This grease starts building up inside the drains with time resulting in a clogged, smelly and messy drain that will lead to greater issues. Some of these common products containing grease are described below.

  •         Food

Oil, fat, and grease are common byproducts of most food items, for example, rice, dairy products, meat, coffee, cooked vegetables, etc. nearly everything used in cooking food can contribute to grease accumulation inside the drain pipes. Even if you are a care home owner, still there is a chance of getting grease building up inside the pipes.       

  • Soap

Animal fat and vegetable fat are the two most common ingredients used to make soap. That is why soap also builds up residue inside drains like oil, fat, and grease. The soap particles along with all the food particles combine inside the drains to form a build-up that eventually results in a great, messy blocked pipe. For this, you need to call a drainage expert for drain cleaning.

Grease does not pose an issue right away. It takes a lot of time to accumulate and build up inside the pipes. Therefore, if you are pouring down grease-containing products in your pipes, then you should get ready to face major plumbing issues sooner in the future. However, you can also avoid the situation by becoming extra cautious. For example, fat-free soaps are also available in the market. You can use them to avoid grease buildup inside the pipes.

Places of Grease Accumulation

The most common place of grease accumulation in your house is in your kitchen sink drain. Fat, oil, grease, and grit are contained by many items going down your drain. If you flush hot water down the drain, then everything keeps on flushing away easily. However, the water when goes inside, cools down while reaching the pipe. The particles of grease, fat, oil, etc when mixed with cold water, start building up inside the pipes. With the passage of time, when you keep on flushing down all the fat, grease, and oil along with cold water, it keeps on accumulating inside the pipes and finally causing a clog.

Calcium is also another reason for clogged pipes. When your pipes corrode with the passage of time, they leave calcium residue inside the pipes. Human urine also contains calcium. When calcium is mixed with fat in any of the pipes, it also tends to make a clog inside the pipes. This happens because when calcium is mixed with fat it forms a hard soap causing a blockage in pipes and drains.

Ways to Remove Grease from Drains

A clogged drain with grease is a common issue but it is a very serious issue as well. It takes a lot of effort to clear out the drain blocked by grease. Sometimes you get to remove the clog properly and all your drains start working properly. However, there are also times when you are not able to restore normal drain functioning. If you are into the habit of draining down food particles into the pipes, then you should also develop a habit to flush down everything with hot water mixed with dish wash liquid. This will help to prevent the building up of grease inside the pipes to some extent.  In case of a clogged drain with grease, you can try the following methods to remove the clog.

  1.     Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical cleaners have active chemical ingredients that are designed specifically to cut out and remove the blockage caused due to grease, fat, oil, etc. Pour down the chemical cleaner into the drain with standing water in the sink. Leave the cleaner inside for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If the grease is harder, you can also leave it overnight.

  1.     CO2 Drain Gun

A CO2 drain gun uses compressed air to remove the clog. Compressed air pushes down the grease or residue inside the pipes. This method is recommended over the use of chemical cleaners because cleaners can cause corrosion of pipes with time. However, a drain cleaning gun is harmless for the pipes and it is also a very effective method for removing clogs.  

  1.     Hydro Jet Equipment

A drain auger is used along with hydro jet equipment to get rid of the drain clogged due to grease. They can be rented from a hardware store. However, you should only use the equipment if you know how to use it. Otherwise, you will not get desired results.

Concluding Comments

There are times when your grease accumulation inside the drain becomes worse. In this case inkbotdesign hire a professional for cleaning the drain and do not delay the process. 


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