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What Are the Most Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents?

What Are the Most Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents?

Large commercial trucks frequently use interstate roads for travel. These trucks carry everything from important raw materials to finish products across and within states all over the country. They are vital parts of the nation’s infrastructure and supply chain.

However, they tend to be involved in accidents due to their bulky size and immense weight. Since their size and weight vary greatly compared to other vehicles, they easily cause serious damage when involved in a collision.

This post explores the most common causes of commercial truck accidents.

Commercial truck accidents

Even with extra care and preparation from truck drivers, some regular motorists are to blame for some of these accidents. Truck drivers may be injured through no fault of their own.

Generally, truck collision victims struggle to assess who was at fault for their injuries and how they can take care of the inflicted damages. Truck accident attorneys are often brought in to determine the right steps to yield financial compensation.

“Lawyers can help identify the root causes of commercial truck accidents and provide evidence that a truck driver’s negligence caused some victim injuries,” says injury attorney Amy Gaiennie of Amy G Injury Firm.

Negligence forms that cause truck accidents

Although many truck collisions can happen for several reasons, the most predominant causes include the following;

  • Driver fatigue

Driving a truck is a difficult skill that takes practice and demands long hours behind the wheel. Under such conditions, truck drivers may find it difficult to concentrate, stay awake and make alert driving decisions. The combination of these often leads to stress and driver fatigue.

  • Driving with distractions

Distractions like food, cell phones, GPS devices, and beverages are common for all drivers, not just truck drivers. Drivers are often tempted to take their attention elsewhere while on the road. It takes a wrong distraction at the right time to cause severe consequences.

Even those that do not lead to immediate consequences can damage the truck or lead to the destruction of carried goods.

  • Road infractions

Traffic violations like going over the speed limit, wrongful overtaking, and ignoring traffic signals can cause commercial truck accidents. When truck drivers ignore basic traffic rules and regulations, they put other motorists at risk of being severely damaged by collision. Since commercial trucks are significantly bulkier than regular vehicles, failure to follow traffic commands is more likely to cause devastating road accidents.

  • Unprotected cargo

When your truck’s cargo needs to be properly secured on the vehicle, it can shift while it is moving and displace its weight. This could make the truck harder to control and increase the risk of commercial truck accidents. Also, cargo not properly secured in place can fall off the road and hit other vehicles or cause an obstruction.

  • Equipment failure

If a truck tire breaks out or a mechanical issue causes a breakdown while driving, it can be impossible to maintain control of the vehicle. Depending on the nature of the engine or equipment failure, an accident may be a matter of time. Trucking companies can be liable if they display some laxity in repairs and maintenance.

  • Intoxicated driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or medication is a leading cause of road accidents. Alcohol impairs several cognitive functions, leading to slow responses and bad decision-making. If a truck driver gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, they put themselves and several other pedestrians and fellow motorists at risk of accidents.


These are some of the most prevalent causes of commercial truck accidents. By understanding the various causes listed above, you will be better equipped to avoid truck accidents on the road.

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